Downsizing? Special Considerations to Keep in Mind – Boston, MA

Empty nesters who are planning a downsize move need to consider many things. The downsize moves are one of the most complicated moves to manage properly. There is a lot of pre-planning involved in order for it to be successful. There are special arrangements that need to be made. Empty nesters should give themselves at least six months to prepare for their move.

What are the preparations for empty nesters:

What will fit in the new home and what to do with what doesn’t. The first step is to get a solid floor plan of the new home. With that floor plan, you can plan what your are going to take with you, you can go through your current home and find out what will fit and where those belongings will go in your new home.

Next you need to determine what are you going to do with the items that won’t be going to the new home: are they family heirlooms, do they have a lot of sentimental value, is there someone in the family who wants them.

If this is the case, you then need to determine how you are going to ship those items to the person. Or if someone in the family wants the  items, but is not ready to take ownership of the items, where will those belongings be stored?

Lastly, if an items is not going to be used in the new home, and is not being given to family, what do you want to do with those items such as donating them to a worthy charity.

The above is perfect for the large furniture, but remember, this vetting process needs to happen with everything in the house. The process can be overwhelming, and many people choose to bring in an organizing company to help.

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Easily Move Your College Student – Boston, MA

The process of packing for college can seem overwhelming. Your student is moving their entire life to a new location. And the chance is high that their new home will have less room than their old.

Here’s what we’ve learned about moving college students from our experience:

1. Make or find a list: There are many available checklists of what to take to college. The two most commonly worked from include one provided by the store where the new college stuff was bought, and the other is provided by the school itself.

The school’s list is specific, and it includes a lot of good information about what was allowed in dorms and what isn’t. The store lists are much more comprehensive and include some things you won’t think of.

2. Choose a staging area: Whether it’s a corner of your basement or a couple of laundry baskets in your child’s room, it’s helpful to have a place to put things as you acquire them. Some of your student’s graduation gifts might be college items, so even if you don’t plan to start shopping right away, have a staging area.

3. Don’t over pack: One of the best suggestions is “take less, not more.” Let the student live in the new space for a week or two, keep a list of what is needed, and make a shopping run at that point. That way, your student will end up with exactly what he or she needs.

4. Reduce your clutter: When packing for school, take note of items you haven’t used or worn in more than a year and use this opportunity to donate them or throw them away. Storage space in college housing can be limited, and you don’t want to waste it with items you haven’t been using at home.

Make three piles when going through your room to pack for school: Donate, trash, and take to college. Doing this will ease your burden when moving to a new place, because all your belongings can really add up. You’ll probably also want to invest in some new things once you gauge the scene in your college town, and this will clear up some space for that!

5. Buy only necessities to start: College packing lists include things like voice recorders for lectures, vacuum cleaners, and under-bed organization. But often, recorders are not allowed in certain classes, dorm floors are sometimes provided with a vacuum, and one bed in the room may be a loft bed, eliminating the need for under-bed tubs.

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Even MORE Tips on How to Avoid Moving Scams – Boston, MA

This week we are going to talk about other ways to avoid being scammed by UN-reputable moving companies.

To protect yourself from being scammed you should only deal only with licensed and insured moving companies where the state you are moving to actually requires licensing. Also, you should be sure that the moving company has the licenses and insurance that they claim they have. Anyone can post on their website that they have a license and insurance. The checking is up to you.

Request from the moving company the insurance binder for the current year. They should be able to provide that to you easily in a PDF form. To check on the license, whatever state you are in, Google the state’s public utilities transportation department, this is who typically regulates moving companies. There should be a phone number you can call to find out if the moving company license is current and if there are any complaints against that company. These regulation boards will have information on UN-reputable moving companies. This is a phone call worth making.

For interstate moving companies, there is a company called “Safer Company Snapshot” put out by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, where you can find if the US DOT number is current and if the insurance associated with that number is current.

Only work with companies that do full background checks on their employees and who have a full drug screening program on their employees. You want the lowest price, but you have to remember that you are letting these people into your home and entrusting them with all of your possessions. Have the moving company provide to you the page in their employee handbook that shows that they do a full background check and drug screening.

Any reputable moving company will have no problem with showing you this information. In fact, a moving company should be thrilled with a consumer asks for this information.

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Use Professional Packers for your Move – Boston

Moving can be fun or stressful. If you are moving for a fun event, like a new baby or a new job, try and keep the fun in it. You can when you enlist a full-service moving company. Often when moving, the question considered is “should we pack ourselves, or pay to be packed?”

If you can, have the moving company professionally pack your belongings. Packing your home can be an intimidating task and it requires a significant commitment of both time and energy. If you are wondering if you can afford it, remember that time is money. So, decide if the monetary savings is worth the time and stress of packing or if you should leave the stress behind and have Marathon Moving pack your personal belongings.

Employees at moving companies are also professional packers so you know that personal possessions will be safely packed. You have options as well. You can use Marathon Moving professional packing services for you most treasured possessions or we can pack all of your belongings.

Put your mind at ease, with professional packing your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.  With professional packing services there is the added convenience of access to your belongings right up to the day of your move.
Regardless of how you choose to pack up, contact us and your move consultant will tailor your quote to meet your needs.