Moving to Rural America, What to Consider – Massachusetts

There are certain concerns that are the same for both major city moves and rural American moves, and that is: can a tractor trailer get to the home? Most rural American towns are not really suited for tractor trailers with narrow, winding streets.

You want to plan ahead if you live in- or are moving to- a home where a tractor trailer will not fit.

Another issue you may encounter with a rural move is the distance from the home to the company that is moving you. Because rural American towns do not have the turnover that a major city has, there is often not a moving company close to the home or the new location.

This means that the moving company needs to know what equipment and manpower they will need during the move to be sure that they are well prepared on moving day. Because rural towns will be so far from the moving company, additional moving supplies, equipment or manpower will not be able to be sent out if the move is not well prepared.

So for this reason, it is important that these moves have an on-site professional estimator. In-home estimates are a must for anyone with special considerations.

In rural areas, moving companies should not charge a fee to come to your home to provide an estimate. What most moving companies will do is provide a ballpark estimate on the phone after an initial conversation. If this fee is amenable to you, that phone call will be followed up with an in-home visit where an actual, accurate estimate will be given.

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Downsizing Empty Nesters and Baby Boomers – Boston, MA

As more baby boomers see their adult children move on and out, they are increasingly paring down — selling furniture, donating clothes, and handing down items to their offspring in order to get ready to move and downsize.

Going through possessions, files, and books prior to moving really helps people when they are setting up their new space.

Whether leaving the suburbs for the city, heading to warmer climes, or moving to a smaller home in the neighborhood, empty nesters are finding the challenges, strain, and sometimes elation of dismantling homes they have lived in for decades.

It can be time consuming and stressful to give away and get rid of belongings, but going through possessions, files, and books prior to moving really helps people when they are setting up their new space.  Most people find it quite a relief to have less stuff crowding their space.

Moving companies in Boston can help baby boomers and other downsizers sift through their materials and get ready for a move.

There is a growing need for moving companies to offer advice and service to empty-nesters because of the aging population and their working adult children who don’t always have a lot of time to help.

Hiring a moving company who can help can reduce family stress.

Movers and their affiliates are objective. They will help an older (adult) part with possessions without parting with the memories. The most important realization is that it has to be done.

It is important not to wait until the last minute to make a decision to downsize and to realize the effort will be time consuming.

Some families are choosing to downsize even before their children move out. Often, moving can be an eye opener to what you don’t need.

If you are an empty nester looking to downsize and need help with your move, contact Marathon Moving.

Moving In or Out of a Big City – Boston, MA

There are a few considerations people must take when moving in or out of a big city like Boston. Here are a few:

You need to consider whether or not the moving truck can get into and out of your street and what is the largest size truck you can use for your move.

People moving locally are usually looking at a full-size straight truck. However, if is an interstate move, they need to consider that most interstate moves are conducted with a tractor trailer moving truck. So, it is important to find out if that truck will fit on your street.

This should be decided by the mover. Most moving companies should know to ask these questions. However, moving companies that are looking to quote the lowest price may neglect to ask these questions and then bring it up on the day of  your move. Therefore, if you are at all concerned about the size of the truck or the width of your street you should insist upon an onsite consultation and bring that question up with the moving company.

Another consideration is where are you going to park the moving truck during your move. You need to be sure that you can reserve a parking spot in front of your home on moving or delivery day. It is also possible that you may need a parking permit during your move in order to park on the street. Not all cities require parking permits, so this is something that your moving company should know. Marathon Moving will pull the permit for you.

The last consideration seems to be ignored the most. Consider when trash day or street cleaning day is in your neighborhood. Once the truck is parked and the move has begun, the moving truck should not be moved. So, if a trash truck comes along, and the moving van needs to be moved, this takes quite a bit of time because your belongings need to be secured again. As you know, most moves are billed on time of move, so this will cost you money.

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