Moving? Use Long or Short Term Storage – Boston

It may be time to move, but maybe your new home is not ready yet. Perhaps the sellers have not moved, perhaps you are remodeling, or perhaps you are taking your time as you travel across the country. Whatever the reason, your belongings need a home while you wait for your home.

In these scenarios, the easiest and most convenient option is to use a moving company that offers long and short term storage.

Marathon moving, a Boston-based moving company, has a clean, secure, and temperature-controlled storage warehouse that can be used to store all of your belongings, or just a select few. If your new home is not ready yet, or you if you have not yet purchased one, Marathon will move your belongings from your home straight to their safe, secure and temperature controlled storage facility.

In storage, your belongings need the highest level of protection; they are your most important possessions. The storage warehouse at Marathon Moving offers that protectionTemperature-controlled storage means that your furniture and artwork will not dry or crack because there are no temperature controlled that can damage your goods. And, all of your belongings will remain wrapped and packed until they are delivered to your new home.

If your move requires transportation and storage of your possessions, you can still get a stress-free move when your moving company takes care of everything. Contact Marathon Moving for your short and long-term storage needs.

Don’t Whine When Moving Wine – Boston, MA

It is common for moving companies to move wine, whether that is just a wine rack in their kitchen or an entire wine cellar. Few people want to leave their wine behind, regardless of where they are moving to.

When people are moving wine, their greatest concern is having their wine spoil, either from a hot warehouse or container during transit.

It is pretty easy for moving companies to train their packers on protecting from breakage of the wine bottles during transit. However, the main concern is getting your staff, packers and shippers to understand that you want to minimize the time that the wine is exposed to high temperature fluctuations.

So for a local residential move the wine should be loaded last onto the truck so that it is pulled off the moving truck first. And, if it is going into storage, it should be separated from the main shipment and stored in a temperature controlled warehouse. However, if your wine is being transported for a long distance move and then involving storage then you want to use the Styrofoam shipping containers rather than cardboard shipping containers because this will protect even more from temperature swings.

As far as protection for moving wine, protection is usually offered against breakage of the wine bottles, but not against spoilage. However, we recommend for people who have wine collections extensive and significant enough to be listed on their homeowners policy to contact their homeowners agent to see if there is any coverage for that.

However, generally, there is no protection against spoilage. This is why it is good to use a moving company in Boston that is used to- and trained in- moving wine and who is going to work to minimize the exposure that your wine may have to temperature changes.

For more information on residential or long distance moves, contact Marathon Moving.

Low Stress Residential Moving Even During the Holidays – Boston

If you have a planned upcoming move, relax. Even though the holidays alone can be stressful and a residential move can be stressful as well, combine them and you think this will be the worst move and the worst holiday season ever. Right? Not necessarily. There is a silver lining to moving during the holidays.

At the very least, while there is not really a ‘slow season’ for moving companies, the holidays are a slower time of year for most movers. Therefore, it is the best time of year to schedule a move.  If you are considering a residential move, the holiday season may be the best time to do it. Oftentimes, moving companies will offer discounted rates or discounted rate days.

At Marathon Moving, we always want to offer you the highest level of customer service. During the holidays, you may get even better service than we normally provide! We have the time to answer your questions and, more than any other time of year, you will have the most experienced moving crew. During the holidays, we pare down our staff and leave out most experienced, year-round, full-time guys on. That means you will have the best movers we have to offer.

But there is another way to make this holiday season move easier, use our professional packing services. Enjoy your time with the family. At Marathon Moving we are experts at packing, shipping, moving, storage and helping you keep your move as stress free as possible.  At Marathon Moving we have been moving families in Boston for more than a decade. We can help you with a holiday move and give you time to enjoy your families. Contact us for more information.