Choosing the Right Boston Moving Company

For moving companies, the busy moving season has officially begun. Many households are relocating before the start of school, many students are moving to and from college while Boston gears up for the onslaught of the start of classes at colleges and universities around the area.

A poor decision when choosing a moving company will influence the whole relocation process. Unprofessional movers can damage your belongings during a transportation or when packing or unpacking the moving van. They can work slowly, they can be late, or they may work recklessly. Either way, you end up paying the price, either because you pay for the time, or because your belongings were damaged during the moving process.

Clients should choose a moving company in Boston that has a good record, both financially and professionally. A good way of determining the quality of a company is to check reviews and see if past customers are satisfied.

The Marathon Moving crew can provide excellent packing services, supplies and trucks and they help you move faster, more efficiently and more confidently. Choosing the right moving company is always important. The cheapest rates do not guarantee the best services.

Marathon quickly is known to local realtors, move coordinators, and clients eager to work with a value-based Boston moving company. Marathon Moving won the Super Service award from Angie’s List many time, most recently in 2013 as well as the BBB Gold seal for excellence, and several other awards. The greatest testimony however would be in our customers. Marathon now completes 2000 moves a year with over 90% coming from repeat or referral sources.

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The Ins and Outs of Moving in Mission Hill, Boston

Continuing on with the discussion about moving around the Boston area, today we talk about moving into and out of Mission Hill in Boston.

The architecture in the Mission Hill area is very unique, it is also home to many of Boston’s premier hospitals. Doctors and healthcare professionals need to live close to these hospitals. Also, Mission Hill is surrounded by many of Boston’s colleges and universities including Northeastern, Mass College of Art, and Wentworth, so you see a lot of students to the area as well.

Mission Hill also has great access to the red and green lines on the T, so you see a lot of young professionals in this area too.

Probably the most popular age group in Mission Hill is young people, however, there are also a lot of families who have been here for many generations. But, due to the access and stylish condominiums, the area is most popular with young people.

Similar to the other areas around Boston, when moving in Mission Hill, parking is a major issue in addition to the tight access in and out of the area. In fact, for these issues, this area is one of the most difficult areas in Boston.

On Mission Hill, you not only have a large number of multi-unit buildings, you also have streets that are extremely tight. Many of the streets cannot be accessed by a full-sized moving van. This makes planning very important. You want to find out what size moving van can fit onto your street, you want to make sure that you have a parking permit, and you want to be sure that your belongings can fit into your building. Mission Hill does have a large amount of older three-family homes and apartment complexes with tight stairwells so you do have a lot of hand-hoisting and craning in of belongings when moving there.

The Mission Hill area also has the same issues as some of the other areas of Boston regarding student moves. Often students are moving into and out of apartments at the same time. There are also a lot of resident doctors and they also tend to move around the same time, as a lot of these residencies are tied to the date of June 30th. Therefore, you tend to see certain dates in Mission Hill as those are very popular for moving. So, it is important that if  you are going to be moving on one of these end of June, July or August dates, that you plan well in advance. As mentioned in previous blogs, moving companies and rental truck companies tend to be booked out. Additionally, regarding parking permits, you will often find multi-unit buildings with only one space available for a moving van. So the only moving van that will be able to park is the one with permit. The city won’t issue duplicate permits, they are first come first served.

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Looking for a Boston Moving Company, Look at Customer Reviews

If you are considering moving in or around Boston or anywhere nationally or across the pond, do your homework. Looking for the best price is not always the best  idea. Insurance, licenses, and customer reviews are always important to look for too.

Moving in the near future? Marathon Moving would like to share with you this recent customer review on our service, skill and staff.

Overall Satisfaction with your move?
Very Satisfied

Satisfaction with your move/pack crew(s)?
Very Satisfied

Satisfaction with care of your property?
Very Satisfied

Additional Feedback

Our move involved the packing of a POD and the moving of some of our stuff to an apartment. Everyone at Marathon from the office to the moving crew were professional and a pleasure to deal with. The move was done on time and under budget and we will definitely use Marathon again.

Satisfaction with office staff?
Very Satisfied

Boston Movers: Moving in and out of South Boston

Just like in the movies that have made South Boston famous, there is still a large Irish population here. However, just like the rest of Boston, South Boston is not without a lot of changes. It is becoming quite a diverse neighborhood. In fact, the area also has quite a few housing options; from new, modern high rise condos to converted mufti-families, as well as rental options for younger adults. South Boston has really attracted a lot of young people and empty-nesters into the community.

With lots of water front, loads of bars and easy access into the rest of Boston, South Boston holds much appeal.

As we have discussed in other podcasts, parking remains an issue in South Boston. Therefore anyone moving in South Boston should order a parking permit and have that posted.

There are a few other difficulties in moving in South Boston as well. Many of the converted condos and older buildings have steep stairways. Therefore there is a  lot of craning when moving in South Boston. If you have a lot of large pieces, you need to make sure those will fit prior to your move. Otherwise, other options, like craning, need to be arranged.

In the newer, high-rise condominiums that have sprung up in South Boston require heavy insurance requirements. Therefore it is a good idea to be sure that your Boston moving company has those insurance minimums and is going to be able to conduct your moves. You also want to work with your building manager to reserve the elevator and the loading dock.

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