Newton Movers: What Newton Upper Falls Residents Need to Know – Newton, MA

Movers face unique challenges in the various villages of Newton, MA. Newton Upper Falls is up river from the village we talked about last time, which was Newton Lower Falls.

Newton Upper Falls used to be a Mill Town. In fact, years ago, about 25% of the population in Newton lived in Newton Upper Falls and it was a very busy business district. As a result, there is still a large commercial activity in Newton Upper Falls. Many of the mills have been converted into industrial and retail space. However, there was also quite a bit of housing built to house mill employees. So this area of Newton sees many different styles of homes.

There are a lot of Capes, duplexes and old style homes, but not necessarily the old Victorian style homes that you see in other parts of Newton. Therefore, there are a few more issues movers face when moving into and out of Newton Upper Falls. There is less space more lower overhangs, and tighter staircases. These challenges are very common in the Cape Style homes and the duplexes especially.

If you are moving a large piece into or out of one of these style homes, it is best to bring the moving company into the process as soon as possible. Oftentimes, we will see people moving into a Cape home wresting with furniture in the front entryway where there is limited space before the stairs start doing damage to the furniture and staircase.

When you deal with a moving company in Newton that has a lot of experience in moving in these homes there could be a better, more simple solution. The moving solutions can be decided on before move day.

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What Newton Lower Falls Residents Need to Know – Newton, MA

The Newton Lower Falls area is known for it’s location on the Charles River. The historic heart of the area is the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and the adjacent residential area on Grove Street. It does have a small commercial area but that is more located in the Wellesley and Wellesley lower falls area which is accessed by Washington Street which runs through both lower falls areas.

The Boston Marathon also impacts the Newton Lower Falls area. The route runs right along Washington Street. So if you are moving in Newton Lower Falls you really need to pay attention to that date, not just on the day of the move, but also for a few days before and after.

If you are in the Newton Lower Falls area, there is very little commercial activity there. The main type of home here is Colonial, which is really the easiest type of home for movers to move into or out of. So, given the fact that this is a very residential area of Newton and not overly congested, there are not too many concerns other than choosing the right moving company.

Many of the homes here in Newton are of higher value. So those of you who are choosing a professional mover, there really needs to be more due diligence. Make sure that the moving company in Newton is properly insured, and that the employees are actual employees that are background checked and drug tested so you can trust those who are moving your belongings.

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Moving to Newton Highlands? Important Tips You Need to Know – Newton, MA

Newton Highlands is subtly different because the Newton Highlands green-line T station is in the center with a small commercial area right there. But overall, Newton Highlands is the most residential area of Newton.

Newton Highlands is mostly made up of Victorian style homes, which also makes this area of Newton different from the others. Victorian homes offer an older architectural style that make them challenging to get into and out of. However, it is not as challenging as the neighborhoods in Boston because the homes in Newton Highlands have a larger footprint.

However, those moving into- or out of- Newton Highlands still need to do their due diligence because this is a high-value area. A lot of these homes have been restored back to their original look. After performing all of that expensive restoration, you want to be sure that the moving company in Newton is prepared to move into and out of these homes; that the crew is trained on how to protect a home; and that the crew and moving company is properly insured.

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