Newton Movers: Planning a Move in the Nonantum Area

There is some diversity in the homes in the Nonantum area, but not nearly as much as the other parts of Newton. The Newtonville and Newton corner areas that border Nonantum are the areas that have the highest concentrations of multi-family homes. The predominant home styles in Nonantum are duplexes and three family homes. This is due to the access to the T and bus service. This area also serves a lot of rental units and young professionals.

When moving in Nonantum, parking and truck access can be a challenge.  Nonantum is the area in Newton where this is the highest concern. The other concern when moving is stair access into the upper levels of these multi-family homes, as well as tight hallways and spaces. You do see some difficulty getting furniture and belongings into and out of these units. It is always beneficial for people to visualize how a certain piece will get into these units, and if you foresee any issues, let the moving company know.

Along with the issues with parking and access, peak moving dates can also be a challenge in Nonantum. This is because this is an area with a high concentration of rentals. Most of these leases have a start date of the first of the month during the months of June through September. This causes a lot of congestion and traffic on those dates. These are also peak moving dates for moving companies in general. Therefore planning ahead is also a primary concern if you are going to moving on one of these peak dates. You also need to reserve your parking space for these key dates as well.

You really want to do your due diligence when choosing a moving company and crew. You are dealing with people who are handling all of your possessions. So you want a company that does full background screening and full drug testing.

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When Choosing a Moving Company, Do Your Research – Boston, MA

If you are moving to a new home soon, be sure to do your research when looking for and choosing a moving company. Not all moving companies are the same. We have recently been talking about unlicensed and uninsured moving companies.  There is another moving company in the news as well. They allegedly low-balled customers on moving estimates and threatened to drive off with their items unless the customers paid higher prices.

Although many moving companies in Boston are legitimate, there are some that attempt to take advantage of their clients. Here are some guidelines provided by to help you choose the right mover:

Get a written estimate from several movers. Be wary of very low estimates. Some companies use the low price to get a contract and later ask for more money before they will remove your belongings from their truck.

Make sure the mover has an operating license. For moves from one state to another, visit to verify a mover’s license. For moves within a state, check your state, county or local consumer affairs agency.

Make sure the mover has insurance. If furniture is damaged during the move, the mover’s insurance should cover it. Ask how to file a complaint if there are limits to the coverage.

Check the mover’s track record. Contact your state or local consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau to see if there is a history of complaints.

If you have a dispute with a moving company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or by calling 1-800-832-5660. If you have a dispute about moving your household goods or vehicles internationally, contact the Federal Maritime Commission.

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Unlicensed Moving Companies are Busted for Posing as Responsible

It is happening everywhere; unlicensed moving companies scamming individuals and families by claiming to be more than they are. Deputies arrested two movers on Wednesday as part of another undercover sting, to make sure moving companies have the proper credentials.

They found that five companies were operating illegally.

The sting was set up by the Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau and the Sheriff’s office to make sure that moving companies are legally certified, with properly licensed drivers and a safely operating truck.

From past cases, ODOT has seen unlicensed movers ask for extra money before unloading a customer’s things, and in some cases the company has missed the delivery altogether.

Nine movers were asked to come help move someone out of a house on from their Street in Portland.

Our news team talked with some of the movers. Most of them said they didn’t know they needed proper licensing or permits.

Deputies arrested the driver and passenger of the Labor Helpers moving van. The driver had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation, while his passenger was arrested for a parole violation and possession of heroin.

Deputies found that a moving truck driver from Portland Movers Ready was high on marijuana when he arrived. Deputies found more pot on his person when they conducted a field sobriety test. The man was cited at the scene.

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Newton Movers: Moving Tips for the Newtonville Area

Newtonville is in the middle of Newton Corner and West Newton and runs right along Washington street where the commercial center of Newtonville sits. However, Newtonville is predominantly considered a residential area.

The Newtonville area has the most diverse home styles in Newton. Here you will see Colonial, Victorian, duplexes, 3-family and condominiums. There is also diversity in home sizes. You will see a lot of large Victorian homes, larger colonials, and then a lot of smaller colonials and multi-family homes. These can be more challenging to move into and out of.

If you are moving into one of these smaller homes with a complicated moving plan, you should try to visualize what they are trying to move into each particular room and how that piece is going to get there. If you foresee a problem and there could be a problem on move day, you should bring the moving company in as soon as problem. Most of the time, there is an easy solution.

However, if there is no easy solution and the Newton moving company has to bring in a hand-hoist, at least you know that going in, and there is a plan in place for move day. You will also know what the associated costs will be so you can determine if it is worth it prior to the move. That way you are not faced with these decisions on moving day.

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19 Moving Companies with No License Cited in Sting – Boston, MA

Nineteen moving crews in New Jersey got hit with citations during what turned out to be an undercover sting by the state’s consumer affairs investigators.

The state Division of Consumer Affairs said 19 moving companies were cited for soliciting interstate moves without a license, a violation of state law. They were assessed a fine of up to $2,500 each.

Too many consumers have been ripped off by movers who held their furniture and other goods hostage while demanding outrageously inflated prices,” said acting Director Steve Lee in a statement. “Protecting consumers begins with our enforcement of New Jersey’s licensing laws.”

The state’s sting occurred last November after investigators with the state Division of Consumer Affairs posed as consumers seeking to move their belongings. They booked appointments with unlicensed movers who solicited work using online listings, including their own websites, Craiglist and Angie’s List.

When they got to the undercover location the movers were inspected by consumer affairs investigators, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, New Jersey State Police and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Immigrations agents arrested seven moving company employees who were allegedly in the United States in violation of the law, including three who had been previously convicted of a crime, authorities said.

One from El Salvador had a conviction of sexual abuse against a minor, criminal possession of a loaded firearm and disorderly conduct, authorities said. Another was a MS-13 gang member with a conviction for criminal attempted theft.

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