3 Key Tips for Planning a Summer Move – Boston, MA

Summer is just around the corner, so it is time again to talk about summer moves in Boston. The peak moving season for moving is Memorial Day to Labor Day, and this year we will be busier than ever.

Most moving companies in Boston are already running at capacity. Therefore, we advise that people pay attention to lead time and get a call into a moving company as soon as possible. Generally, we are suggesting that people call about 6-12 weeks in advance, with the largest moves give about 9-12 weeks of lead time and the smaller moves give 6-9 weeks of lead time. This gives enough time to get a quote in, schedule an estimate, review the quote and then book the date that you want for your move. We do suggest that you call as early as possible.

Within this busy season, there actually busier times. These very busy times are within the last few days of each month. Those who have not actually signed a purchase and sale, if they could pick a date between the fifth and 22nd of the month for their closing they’ll find that they will get a much better price and more flexibility. They will also be able to choose a moving company. If you don’t plan ahead, or you move on the last day of the month, your moving company of choice may be booked.

For those who live in the city or who live in an apartment complex another consideration would be parking permits. Make sure you have that well in advance of moving day. For those moving out of apartment buildings, it is important to reserve the elevator so you can get the time slots that you want. This is particularly important if you are moving out of and then into another apartment building. You want the morning time slot for the building your are moving out of and the afternoon for the building you are moving into. If not, you may have to store you belongings until the elevator is available.

For more information on moving in the summer in Boston, contact Marathon Moving.