Need Moving and Storage? – Boston, MA

While moving is exciting, opening doors on many opportunities, it can be a bit of a challenge too. But, if your new home isn’t ready when you need it, there can be even more challenges than normal. This is why many homeowners need to choose a moving company that offers storage.

Often when moving, a storage facility is needed. Temporary relocation, relocation overseas, your new home is under construction, or your closing dates just don’t line up;  whatever the reason may be, often your belongings need to be housed in a storage facility for short or long term.

Marathon Moving is able to meet your storage needs with a warehouse facility that is clean, secure, and temperature-controlled. Our storage buildings and units are monitored 24 hours a day by a state-of-the- art alarm system. It is also equipped with a sprinkler system and is fully containerized to meet industry standards.

For any residential move in Boston area that requires storage, this is a safe option. Know that your belongings are safe and secure. We can pack, move and store, so you can feel confident that your belongings won’t be changing hands.

For residential moving and storage, contact Marathon Moving.

Brookline Movers, How to Plan Your Move in Brookline, MA

Brookline and Newton are very similar communities. They are both affluent neighborhoods with very nice homes, but they are also very similar in layout. They both have a suburban area, almost borderline farmland area, you also have historical areas with historical type homes and there is also a busting city area. These different areas throughout town all have different moving concerns.

Here are some moving considerations for residents in the rural areas like Allendale Farms and Lee street.

In these parts of town, residents do not have to worry about moving trucks being able to access their property or homes because this area is pretty spacious. Additionally, the homes are larger as well, so they don’t have to worry about fitting furniture in and out of the houses. The biggest concern these homeowners during residential moves is having to worry about is property damage. These homes tend to be very expensive, so you want to be sure that the moving company that you choose is carrying the proper insurance for damage and property. Also, be sure that you the moving company does background checks on their employees and lastly that they have worker’s comp insurance as well. You certainly want to be sure you have done your due diligence in choosing a moving company in Brookline, MA.

Here are some of the moving considerations that homeowners need to take in the more historic areas in Chestnut Hill and Fisher Hill.

These residents would have the same concern in making sure that the moving company is vetted, but there are some additional concerns because these homes are more difficult to move in and out of, the homes are historical so they want to be sure there is no damage to the home. If there are items that may be difficult to move out of the home, you want to be sure that you have that conversation with the moving company early on so that the movers are prepared.

There are also some moving concerns for residents in the city style sections of Brookline like Washington Square and Brookline Village.

These areas are more like a Boston move. The biggest concern these residents will have is parking for the truck on move day. Residents in this area need to be sure they take care of this.

For more information on moving in Brookline, MA contact Marathon Moving.