Moving and Downsizing A Home – Boston, MA

Downsizing is a word that has become very common today. More and more people are downsizing as they get older. Downsizing could also be due to retirement, divorce, or the need to liquidate your funds. Whatever your reason for changing your space, there is a right and a wrong way to downsize your home. Here are some tips to help you with your downsizing process.

As soon as you decide to downsize, start the process. It takes time.

Walk through your home and make of list of what to do for each room.

  1. Does it need to be painted?
  2. Repairs
  3. Furniture sold
  4. Closets cleaned out
  5. Antiques to be sold
  6. Books
  7. Paper to be purged
  8. Clothing closets to be cleaned out
  9. Kids items to be dealt with

These are just some of the more common projects that need to be addressed when you are in the downsizing process.

Set up a timeline. When is the date for the house to be put on the market? When is your move date? depending on when your move is scheduled, call moving companies in Boston so you can get a quote on your move. You will get other questions answered at the same time along with various moving tips. Once you have those items figured out, it’s time to take action. A house is like an onion, it has many layers. The longer you have been in the home, the more stuff you have to sort through.

Depending on what is in your home, you might need outside assistance to sell items. If you have a lot of items that are sell worthy, you might want to contact a estate sale specialist. For a fee, they can conduct an estate sale for you in your home.

If you have the time, and don’t want to share your profits, consider selling the items yourself through craigslist. And if you just want them out of your home and aren’t concerned about money, then freecycle is the way to go. Just list your items and people will come and get them.

And as far as what not to do in the downsizing process-don’t wait until the last minute!!

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By The Numbers: Move-In Weekend in Boston, MA

If you are moving to an apartment or  home in Boston, be sure to do your homework. Too many people forget to check on elevator access, parking permits, bridge height limitations for the moving trucks and so many other factors that affect moving in Boston.

63 Percent: the percentage of Boston rental leases that begin on Sept. 1, according to the company Rental Beast (via The Boston Globe).

(That’s actually lower than a 2011 estimate, which was 79 percent.)

2,263 Permits: the number of moving truck permits issued by the city of Boston for the days around Sept. 1, according to the city.

25 Incidents: the number of “recorded height restriction-based incidents on the three Charles River-adjacent roads, with a concentration around college move-in and move-out dates,” according to the state.

10′-0″: the clearance of many bridges around the Charles. Too-tall moving trucks getting stuck on the roads is a back-to-school tradition.

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Stats from WBUR