Miltiary Moving Excellence

We take a lot of pride when working with our clients on a daily basis but nothing is more gratifying than being able to help relocate the men and women of our great countries Military. We are so honored to be awarded the Military Excellence Award for achieving a perfect 12 of 12 military rating score as reported by the military member and the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

Weekly Feature #1

Paul and Gail NelsonStarting today, we will be providing you a weekly introduction to who we are.   We felt, for our very first feature, it was only logical to highlight Paul and Gail Nelson, the founders of Marathon.

Marathon has grown to be one of Boston’s Best moving companies by emphasizing teamwork and treating its customers like family.   And talk about leading by example, Paul and Gail have been an amazing team for over 22 years of marriage, 16 of which have been working side by side at Marathon.  And since both of them are lifelong Bostonians with many relatives in the area, Marathon has helped move countless members of their own family into new homes.  They’ve also had almost 20 family members work with them at Marathon.  Working summers and breaks while in college has become sort of a family tradition which both their boys, Tommy and Michael, are currently part of. Keeping connected to so many family, friends and the Boston community has been one of the greatest reward of running Marathon for both Paul and Gail.   Outside of the Marathon office, they love being outdoors.  Whether it’s skiing in the winter, long walks in the spring and fall, or kayaking in the summer, they truly feel New England is the best place you can be.

Marathon at top 5 Best Moving Company in Boston – Boston, MA

Marathon Moving Company Logo

Moving in and around Boston can be confusing. Even if you find a moving company with a good price, how do you know if they are any good? The landscape is mixed with established companies and smaller mom and pop outfits; how do you know if you are getting the the best moving company or a ‘dud’ moving company?

In last week’s blog post, we pulled together a list of the City’s cheapest moving companies. This week we continue by scouring the web for the most creditable moving companies in the Boston area and are excited to show you our findings.

We compared consumer ratings and reviews of the following moving companies across well known review-aggregation sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google to find the companies with the best ratings.* Below are the top 5 moving companies based on our research. We are glad to say that there are several good companies out there. Make sure that you work with a credible company. After all, you want to know that the people moving your things care about them just as much as you do.

In fifth place, Marathon Moving Company is a local company based in Randolph. 87%* of their customers rated them as being a 5 star moving company.