Everything You Need to Know About Moving in the Spring – Boston

Despite the cold weather, spring really is right around the corner. Are you planning to move in the Spring? While moving in the Spring is not as economical as moving in the winter, you can still find good deals at the beginning of the season. Moving companies are a lot busier in the Spring  than they are in the winter, but they have also begun their peak season hiring. So they are trying to get those people working.

The deeper into the Spring you get the more expensive moving can be. End of April and into May become typical peak rated periods for moves. As you move into peak season, availability becomes more of an issue as you approach summer as well. Planning is important when planning moves in the peak season. If you are looking at the middle of the month, you should give a Boston mover a lead time of at least 4 weeks.

However, as you get into larger moves that require in-home estimates, you should start looking at eight to ten weeks in advance. This allows you time to have multiple movers come into your home for estimates, it gives you enough time to compare quotes and to do your due diligence on the moving company, and still leave you enough time to book the mover.

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