Planning a Move in Boston’s North End

Moving in and out of the neighborhoods in Boston can be particularly challenging. When a planning a move in Boston’s North End, you need to consider street access and parking. There are some streets that just won’t accommodate a moving van. This means that you would have to have your belongings picked up or dropped off in multiple smaller vans. So the determination of whether or not a moving van can fit on your street is priority number one.

The second thing to consider when moving in the North End is parking of the moving van. Unless the building your are moving into or out of has a loading dock, you would have to get a parking permit in order to move in the North End.

Moving in the North End is difficult because access into and out of the buildings is extremely challenging, for that reason, take a good look at the access and try to determine if your items will fit into your new home.

Also, if at all possible, the Boston movers should also take a look at your building’s access. Often a moving company can tell on-sight if an item will fit or not. Then there are other options, like cranes and hand-hoisting items. But having the plans in-place before hand makes the moving experience go much smoother.

Scheduling a move can be quite challenging depending on the season. Snow storms present their own issues in the North End. If you are planning a winter move, it is important to stay in contact with you moving company in case of an expected snow storm on your moving day. Additionally, there are quite a few festivals in the summer in the North End. This can cause additional local traffic which means your move will take longer, driving up the final bill. If you are moving in the summer, it is also important to pay attention to the festival schedule.

For other questions about moving to or from Boston’s North End, contact Marathon Moving.