Tips for Planning a Move in Beacon Hill, Boston

Many of the challenges those who are moving in Beacon Hill face are similar to those of moving in the North End, which we discussed last week, although the neighborhoods are quite different, they both share narrow streets and tight parking. The concerns are the same.

If you are moving on Beacon Hill you need to know if a moving van can drive through the narrow streets. You also need to be sure that you have pulled the proper parking permits to allow the moving van to park once it is on the street.

Unique to Beacon Hill are the elevator restrictions. Many of the homes and buildings on Beacon Hill have been converted from one-family homes to multi-family condo units. But they do still have the same elevator in the building from years ago which was designed for single-family use. This means it is very old, very small and very expensive to repair.

For these reasons, the new condo associations do NOT allow Boston movers to use these elevators during a move because the additional weight will often cause a breakdown that is very expensive to repair. People who are moving need to find out if the elevator in their building is able to be used for moving. This will help the moving company determine how many movers they need to complete the move.

Even though the elevators are most often not able to be moved, these buildings most often have large, sweeping staircases that accommodate large pieces of furniture to be moved up and down. So for the most part, it is not really a concern other than the man-power required. However, due to some configurations some architects chose, there are some instances where a crane is required. When you are craning items on Beacon Hill, a police detail is almost always required. Additionally, often times a carpenter may be required to remove the window because this is a historic district. If you are moving into or out of Beacon Hill, you really need to do your homework.

You also want to be sure that your moving company meets the insurance requirements of the buildings.

For more information on moving in Beacon Hill, Boston, contact Marathon Moving.