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Are you thinking of relocating to a New York city?

Moving is always daunting and choosing a moving company is also overwhelming. Well, here are some useful tips for hiring a Boston to New York moving company to make you relocation effortless.

• Ask For Recommendations

Do you have friends or coworkers who recently used a moving company? Do you know a real estate agent who knows the moving companies in the area? You can always ask for recommendations for the moving companies they used. Ask about their experience with that moving company and if everything sounds good, you can contact them in person to find out about their services.

• Initial Screening

If you have a list of recommended movers, you should start screening the companies. First you should do a background check online. Check the mover’s rating on the Better Business Bureau. Find out what the previous customers are saying about the company on the testimonials page. If everything looks good to you, it’s time to do a personal evaluation on the company’s grounds to determine whether they are perfect for your moving needs.

• In-Home Estimate

Are you moving to another state or city? You should ask the moving company to give you a written estimate of the cost of their services. It’s advisable for the movers to visit your home rather than making up the estimate over the phone. If you have a list of 4 moving companies, you can always request them to visit your home, do an inspection and determine the right amount you can pay. Additionally, you can also find out if there are offers or discounts that can reduce the price considerably. You should be able to find a moving company that works within your budget without any compromise on the quality of services provided.

• Insurance

During transit, some of your possessions might be damaged or lost. Certainly, if it’s something precious to you, make sure that there is a way to get a refund. On that note, you need to find a moving company with an insurance policy. If possible, you should contact the insurer in question to find out about the validity of the policy and whether or not you’re covered depending on your moving needs. That way if anything is lost, you can get it replaced or refunded comfortably.

• Licensing And Certification

Just like any other contractor in the service industry, you need to find movers who are licensed and certified to provide moving services in the area. If you’re moving interstate, you need to hire a moving company that provides the same exact services. Certainly, you don’t want to be stopped on the road because of violating any moving regulations. You can always check the local licensing board to make sure the license is valid. Also, the moving company should be a member of various associations and bodies that provide the newest regulations in the industry.

Now that you know the tips for hiring moving company, you can relax and avoid getting overwhelmed by the whole procedure.

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