Happy Holidays and New Year from Marathon Moving!

Happy Holidays and New Year from Marathon Moving! We would like to thank our customers for allowing our business to be part of your lives. We wish you a wonderful and prosperous 2014!

If we have had the pleasure of providing you with residential or commercial moving or storage services, we hope that you were provided with the highest level of customer service that you have come to expect from us. If you find that you are going to move in 2014, we hope that you consider Marathon Moving to provide you with your moving and storage services.

It is our sincere wish that throughout this Holiday season, and all year long, you are surrounded by family, and friendship. From all of us here at Marathon Moving Boston movers, have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Who Should Move Your Pool Table in a Residential Move – Boston

Should moving a pool table be left to a professional pool table moving company or is this something that a residential moving company can do too?

Typically, a moving company is going to handle the actual moving of a pool table. However the disassemble and assembly of the pool table is often left to a professional pool table company.

Even though most Boston movers subcontract disassembling and assembly of the pool table out to specialty companies, you don’t necessarily need to have the pool table company move it. The origin and destination of the pool table are not accessible simultaneously. Therefore the third party company cannot take it down, move it and assemble it on the same day.

What generally happens is the pool table company will come to your home a few days prior to the move and take the table apart. The moving company will then move the pool table with all of your other belongings, and few days later the pool table company will come to your new home and assemble it again.

The costs to move a pool table depend a little bit on size and weight. Generally the highest cost in moving a pool table comes from the 3rd party pool table company, that cost is for the disassemble and assembly using the existing felt and bumpers. Most often $500-$700.

If you do have a one piece slate tabletop, that can pose a different set of issues and an additional cost because it the slate itself is heavy and needs to be crated. This can add about $500 to the move.

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Winter Might Be the Best Time of Year for a Residential Move – Boston

While winter is not the most popular time of year to move, people move all year round. But, moving in the winter actually has some benefits.

The experience of the moving crew is one of the chief benefits of moving in the winter. While most moves are performed during the warmer weather, there are more inexperienced moving personnel in the summer and spring. During the winter, everyone on your moving crew in the winter is going to be a full-time, experienced mover.

Additionally, the price of a residential move in the winter is almost always better than during peak season. Most Boston movers are in their deepest discounted days during this time of year, and a move on any day of the week will be the best price.

Typically, a consumer will see a difference of 10%-20% savings between moving during the peak season of summer and moving in the winter. Winter moves will most definitely save you money.

The wet, cold, winter weather is one of the challenges of a winter move in Boston. Most people are concerned with what will happen if there is a snow storm during their move. The moving crews at Marathon Moving are experienced in winter moves. The crews will show up with all the equipment they need to make sure your move is successful, including shovels and rock salt for both the walkways and the moving truck ramp, as well as floor protection for your home to be sure that no wet slush is or sand is tracked into your old or new home. While winter weather is an inconvenience, it is not something our movers are unaccustomed too dealing with; even during a major snow storm!

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Moving a Piano – Which Type of Piano Mover Should you Use? Boston

There are many companies that specialize in only moving pianos, but many full-service moving companies move pianos too. Which type of company should you choose?

Really, this depends on the type of move. If you are moving only a piano, then you should look into companies that only move pianos. This is generally because of cost. That type of company will be making multiple deliveries in a day usually to the same general area. So they can provide that service at the least cost.

The same is true if you are moving from one home to another. Where the piano is part of your belongings, and you mover is already at your home moving your household goods. You already have your residential mover at your home moving your belongings to your final destination, therefore, moving the piano can be done by your moving company at the lowest cost. So, if you are moving, your moving company should move your piano.

What if you have a very expensive piano? Well, that again depends on your move. The same situation applies. The challenges of safely moving a piano are the same as moving high-end furniture. People who have an expensive piano also tend to have high value furniture. Therefore, they should only be looking for a mover that is qualified to move both.

Which choice makes the most sense insurance-wise, a piano only mover or a household goods moving company? Even if you have an expensive piano and you are moving homes, when you bring in more than one vendor, you tend to muddy the waters as far as claims. This can open the door to some claim deniability. <<>

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