Can you Move a Motorcycle with Your Household Goods? Boston, MA

When moving, cars are not generally shipped in the same moving van as household goods. Usually a third party companies will move an automobile. This is not necessary the same for moving motorcycles in a residential move.

Typically a motorcycle is moved as part of the household goods in the same moving van. Regarding high value motorcycles, anytime there is a high-value item in a shipment, damage is a concern. However, Marathon Moving Boston movers is very confident that they can move even the most expensive motorcycles.

Custom crates are designed specifically for your motorcycle. These crates have air bags that keep it from shifting, as well as power straps to strap it down. The crate itself is very sturdy and can prevent any items from outside of the damaging it.

For smaller motorbikes, like dirt bikes or small road bikes, that may not warrant the cost of the crating we can pad it up, secure strapped it secured safely in the truck.

We are confident we can move smaller motorbikes as well. The only difference is that we would not be able to insure the smaller bikes against damage if they are not crated by us.

Typically the crating cost of a motorcycle is around $800 and that includes the custom crate, air bags and packing. Surely, higher end motorcycles are worth the cost.

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Winter Moving Tips in Boston, MA

The winter can be a great time to move. Most people move in the spring and summer, so a winter residential move often means you will get a better price, you have more flexibility and you will have the most experience moving crew.

There is a downside to moving in the winter in Boston. It’s cold, and you could have some bad weather. But, if you have hired a reputable moving company, they will be prepared for any weather issue.

So, aside from the weather, here are a few winter moving tips.

Don’t pack winter supplies. Keep your shovel, ice scraper, salt and gloves and hats available. Don’t pack them. You will need them up until you move, and if you are staying in the Boston area, you may need them immediately in your new home too.

Hire a moving company. Hiring Boston movers have lots of benefits. Your move will be faster, no heavy lifting, and both those factors can be very helpful when you move during the winter. Because the spring and summer are the most popular moving seasons, they also tend to have the most inexperienced movers. When the moving season slows, only the most experienced moving crew remain. This means that a winter move affords you the most experience.

Board your pets. Boarding your pets during your move is a good idea so that they are out from underfoot when conditions could be slippery and dangerous to begin with. Secondly boarding pets is a good idea because doors are more often open than closed. To help your pet through the move, it is often best to move your pet last so it will be surrounded by the familiar.

Keep it clean and dry. Have towels or rags available to wipe down boxes and other items that could get wet during a snow or rain storm. This will keep everything safe from moisture.

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How to Move an Automobile During a Household Move – Boston

For local moves across towns and within the state it is not usually an issue when you have to move your car or truck. But when you have an interstate move, or when moving multiple cars, it can be a little more tricky.

Automobiles are not generally part of the household goods shipment. They don’t go into the moving van itself. But moving cars and trucks are a big concern for moving companies. Therefore, reputable moving companies will have a partner with an independent automobile shipping companies and can arrange that with the consumer.

There are a lot of third party auto moving companies online. So which makes more sense, for consumers to make their own arrangements or should they go through their Boston movers to make the arrangements?

That would depend on what is the highest concern for the consumer. If rate is the highest concern, then the consumer should maybe go online and make arrangements. However moving companies tend to be more concerned with guaranteed pick up and delivery dates, smaller and more direct pick up and delivery windows and making sure that the car or truck remains insured. So the rates are not always the least expensive when using the moving company, so the consumer needs to determine what is the most important.

But what about an international move?  This is a little different. When moving internationally, then the automobile is loaded with the shipment. In this scenario, the moving company would move the car with the household goods.

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