Boston Movers: All you Need to Know About a Dorchester, MA Move

Are you planning a move in Dorchester, MA? Dorchester is Boston’s largest neighborhood as well as one of the oldest. This area of town is also one of the most immigrant friendly neighborhoods as well.

There are numerous multi-tenant buildings in this area and there are many long-time residents. Like the neighborhoods that surround it, Dorchester is densely packed with tight streets and is tight parking. These are some of the main challenges of getting access to the moving van.

With multi-tenant buildings combined with the tight streets, almost all of Dorchester presents a parking concern for moving companies. If you are planning a move in Dorchester it is important to look into the parking issues on your street and whether or not you need a permit.

Many multi-tennant homes have been converted from single family dwellings creating challenges for getting furniture in and out. And, even those that have not been converted  were built so long ago that access for furniture items is still an issue.

Stairway clearances, doorway widths and hallway widths are very different than what the code requires today. This makes it difficult to get items into and out-of homes. It is important to think about where you want to place furniture and bring the moving company in early so there can be a plan as to how to get your furniture into your new home.

For anyone planning a Boston move there are some key factors to consider. Time is the first take-away. Take the time to do your research on the moving company. Be sure that the moving company you choose is reputable and familiar with the neighborhoods where you are moving. The second take-away is planning. Ensure that you have a parking permit if one is needed, be sure that the moving van can fit on your street if you live in one of the older neighborhoods, and plan for the access into the unit for your furniture.

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Marathon Moving Sponsors Design Home To Raise Money for Children’s Hospital – Boston

Marathon Moving is a sponsor of Design Home this year in an effort to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. This year Boston magazine will mark its tenth Design Home. Each Design Home is built in a new location around Boston, the south shore, and metro west. Each project features a unique perspective on living. Each project has also brought something new to the home market and this year’s project will be no different. In 2014, the project will embark on a new experience featuring a single family net-zero energy home.

As a sponsor of the project, Marathon Moving has come to appreciate all that a project like this can do for a community and we are committed to making this project a success. This viewing experience provides an an inside look at smart design, cutting-edge technology and products for homes all while supporting Boston Children’s Hospital.

This project plays an important role in Boston magazine’s partnership with and support of Boston Children’s Hospital. The goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of the home tours on October 5th and 100% of ticket sales benefit Boston Children’s Hospital.

Tour Information:

39 True Road
Salisbury, MA 01952
Design Home 2014 will be open for tours beginning this fall. Dates to be announced soon!
Tickets to tour Design Home 2014 are $25 with 100% of proceeds benefit Boston Children’s Hospital.

More information –

Boston Movers: Moving in and out of the Roxbury Area

Roxbury differs from West Roxbury in that it is a much more urban area. Much of Roxbury borders Boston proper. Many of the streets to metro-Boston run directly through Roxbury. A lot of these streets have businesses on them as well as multi-tenant buildings.

Just like many of the other areas of Boston we have covered in our moving series, Roxbury is also going through a renaissance, it is quite a thriving area of Boston right now.

The layout of urban buildings and multi-tenant buildings makes it much more challenging to move. The city brings more traffic and more pedestrians, along with more congestion. Roxbury is one of the older sections of Boston. The streets are narrower with a lot of tenant buildings which create parking challenges and concerns.

One of the biggest challenges with moving in Roxbury is parking for the moving vans. Most residents of Roxbury are going to need a parking permit for their move. So again, it is important to plan ahead and get your parking permit, and that your acquire a space in front of your new home for the moving van. This helps cut down on time during the actual move, saving you money.

Tighter streets and access are also problems for moving vans. Again, Roxbury is one of the older neighborhoods in Boston, so the streets were not designed for today’s vehicles. On your street, look and see if it is reasonable that a moving van can travel down your street. If your Boston moving company is familiar with the part of town, they can send two smaller trucks rather than one large one.

There are simple solutions to most moving challenges that don’t cost much if they are known about in advance. If you feel your street is questionable, bring the moving company in and have them do a sight check themselves.

Roxbury has a lot of multi-tenant buildings, and many of them are older. Overhangs and narrow hallways make moving some pieces of furniture challenging. Craning and hand hoisting is often necessary to move some belongings. Additionally, some of the remodeling that has been done to these buildings has made access points smaller.

Bringing the moving company into the conversation sooner rather than later can save you money on your move.

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