Tips for Moving Waban Residents in Newton, MA

Waban was named after the first Indian in Massachusetts that was converted to Christianity and the Waban area was his favorite hunting grounds.

Waban is a primarily residential area with large Colonial homes and a small commercial district. Waban is also one of the “super zip-codes”. Back in 2013 the Washington Post did a report on power zip codes in America and Waban ranked #3 for the most affluent and well-educated zip codes in all of America.

As a result, the residential moves in the Waban area of Newton tend to involve larger high-end residences. This means that we are typically moving  high net-worth items like statues, artwork, unique items, and antiques.

Because these are expensive homes with expensive belongings, it is even more important than ever to vet the moving company when moving in Waban in Newton, MA. Fine art and antiques require a great deal of skill and training when moving. You need to be sure that in this type of move, that the moving company you choose has invested the time and money into the training. Additionally, the properties are high-end and some have historic reference, therefore property damage can be expensive to repair. So you need to be sure that the moving company is able to protect the goods inside your home and that they are able to protect the home itself.

Further, you need to make sure that the moving company knows who will be conducting your move, that background and drug tests have been performed and that they are actual employees. Additionally, it is very important that the company is carrying the proper insurance on these individuals.

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Moving Challenges in the Oak Hill Area of Newton, MA

The Oak Hill Area of Newton, MA mainly consists of ranch style, raised ranch and split level homes. It is mainly an area of one family homes that were built right after WWII for GI housing.

There are a few other things in the Oak Hill Area including Mount Ida College, the Charles River Country Club, and also the Wells Avenue Industrial Park.

In the Oak Hill Area of Newton we do a fairly even split of commercial moves and residential moves. In fact, this is where we do some of our largest commercial relocations. We do a large amount of residential moves here in the Oak Hill area.

There are some business or commercial moving challenges in the Oak Hill Area of Newton.  As far as commercial moving tips, one of the most important things to do is to assign a single point move coordinator for the company. That person should be involved when the estimates are going out, and should be available to meet and walk with the estimators.  They should examine proposals and be involved in the process and help vet the moving companies. Large commercial moves are not easy, so you want to be sure that you are involved in a moving company in Newton that can handle it.

With the move coordinator, being involved with a moving company early on, being involved in the labeling process, collecting all of the office floor plans and turning those over to the moving company makes for an easier move. There are a lot of moving parts when you move your business. Ensuring that the move coordinator and the moving company are in synch is very important.

When vetting the moving company, you want to be sure they are experienced in commercial moves. There is a lot of fallback when the delivery into your new space is not coordinated well. It can cause major downtime and incur major costs. You need to be sure that the moving company you choose can deliver.

Servers, computers and desks need to arrive exactly when they need to, and the people need to be in place to ensure that your move happens as smoothly as possible.

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Moving in the Spring Saves Time, Money, and Hassle – Boston, MA

Spring is officially here, and it is time to discuss spring moves. There a many benefits of moving in the spring. In the spring you have a seasoned labor pool, great availability, and great weather. These current temperatures may not be perfect for an outdoor walk, but they are perfect for moving. The temperature extremes of summer and winter make moving a challenge for the homeowner and the crew.

As far as moving date availability, there are still quite a few discount days to choose from. Generally in the moving industry, days that have peak demand tend to have higher pricing. There are some peak dates in the spring, but there are plenty of other dates to choose from where you can still get discounted dates. Those who have flexibility in moving, avoid the last week in May and the first week in June if at all possible. Of course, Memorial Day weekend also limits moving company availability. There also tends to be a large demand for moves in and around that date.

The earlier you schedule your move the better. For the majority of spring moves, you should contact your moving company with at least a 4 week lead time. If you are looking at moving during those peak times we have mentioned, you should get on the phone right now to moving companies. You should plan on an 8 to 10 week lead time when moving during peak times.

Additionally, with the weather we have had this winter, we would like to mention damage to lawn during the move. Most driveways are designed for cars and not trucks. Often backing out of driveways with a moving truck, or negotiating curved driveways with a moving truck can cause damage to the edge of the lawn. If you think your lawn could be damaged by the moving van, you should bring this to the attention of the moving company. Having plywood on hand can be helpful, or the moving company can send smaller trucks.

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