Be Sure You Hire a Legitimate Boston Moving Company – Boston, MA

If you’re planning on moving, experts say you need to make sure you’re hiring a legitimate mover before you agree to anything.

Moving halfway across the country is stressful enough, but for people like Susan Frey it can also be costly with little return.

“Karma’s going to come back to bite ’em,” said Frey.

Frey says she only got about half the stuff that she hired a moving company to bring on her interstate move.

There were a lot of reasons and excuses, and some of what did arrive was broken.

“It breaks your heart when you hear these horror stories of people hiring these bad movers and they end up having their personal belongings held hostage, they end up paying more than they were quoted,” said David Quinlan with the Better Business Bureau.

You have to do your homework before hiring any residential moving company. Most importantly, if hiring a company make sure it’s licensed and insured.

There are a lot of illegal companies out there.

“Don’t believe just general estimates. Get everything on paper, understand the contract and all the policies, the cancellations a timeline you’ve got to read every single word,” he said.

That’s advice Frey wishes she would have known before she moved.

“It was all verbal,” she said. “I was like, ok, and then they emailed me a receipt and I thought it was a done deal.”

Frey was left to buy many of the items she needed to fill her apartment because it was cheaper than hiring another moving company to bring the rest of her possessions.

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Before Hiring a Moving Company…Boston, MA

May is National Moving Month. College students are moving home, residential home purchases increase in the springtime, and the month of May is a very busy month for moving companies in Boston. The Better Business Bureau offers some tips for hiring a moving company and how to avoid moving scams.

What are the most common complaints when it comes to moving?

Between April 1, 2014 and April 1, 2015, the BBB received over 30,000 inquiries related to moving companies by state. During the same time, consumers filed approximately 120 against moving companies per state.

The bulk of those complaints had to do with delivery issues and damaged goods.

What should consumers do to avoid these problems?

  • Make sure the moving company has the proper licensing and insurance
  • Get estimates from at least three moving companies
  • Use an accredited moving company
  • Get everything written down
  • Check with BBB to find out the company’s rating and determine if there are any complaints filed against them

If you want to your belongings protected when you move and if you want to use a licensed and insured moving company, contact Marathon Moving.


Essential Moving Advice for Movers in West Newton, MA

West Newton square is one of the busiest areas in Newton. It is home to a commuter rail stop, an on and off ramp for the Mass Pike, restaurants and an independent movie theater. This kind of activity often attracts the younger crowd. This means that there are a lot of multi-family homes, duplexes, condos, apartments and the traditional single family styles in West Newton. This does tend to be the younger area of Newton.

For those who are experiencing their first move on their own, there are some key decisions they need to consider. Many of those moving are engaging a moving company for the first time. Our biggest advice for those using a professional mover for the first time is don’t just stop at the hourly rate. Many people will only compare the hourly rates of a mover and then stop right there.

Generally speaking, this is how people get looped into using non-reputable moving companies. They think “how long can this move go?” But often, an experienced moving company can move people in and out faster. This means, that even though they may have a higher hourly rate, the experienced moving company’s final bill may be similar or even less than those companies with a lower hourly rate. Moving companies that have a higher hourly rate often invest more in their company in regards to training so that the job can get done properly and in less time.

Additionally, moving companies with inexperienced movers or poorly trained movers may come with a higher cost, like damage to your belongings or damage to your home. Always choose quality, experience and reputation over price.

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