Don’ t Pack Your Son – How to Limit Stress When Moving with Kids

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Important things those who are moving with children should consider during a move.

Safety is the highest priority. When moving, it is very important to set up a play date or have a babysitter available during the move. You definitely don’t want to exclude your kids from the moving process, but you do want them to be safe during the move.

If the kids do need to be home, it is good to have some kind of activity set up to keep them in one area. There are on the move coloring projects they can do off to the side. Or  you can give them a task to do like packing up their teddy bears.

Some other moving tips to consider when moving with kids are keeping your kids involved in the move. Ideally it is a positive situation, explain to them why you are moving. Also talk to them about where you are going. Check out the area online and plan an activity for when you get there.

But on moving day, keep them involved too. Kids need the ability to plan for themselves too. Teens are leaving a lot behind.

Having kids make room plans on their new home is a good activity for kids as well. have them make up their own room plan. Activities help keep kids excited during a move.

For teens, allow them to host their own going away or see you soon party.

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