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Scheduling Considerations for Office Moves

The top priority when moving an office is to minimize downtime. To minimize downtime, you need to have a well planned move.

Moving an office generally needs to be done off hours. To do this you need to be sure that the moving company, you building that you are moving from and the building that you are moving too are all available and can be scheduled at the same time.

Next you also need to be sure that your phone and internet are both transferred and will be up and running at your new location.

Then you want to coordinate the delivery of your computer and phone systems with your moving company at the same time that you have IT people ready and available to get them installed and ready to go for when your employees arrive for work.

Another consideration would be leased office furniture and equipment. A lot of leases prohibit this equipment to be moved by the purchaser. This has to be moved by the manufacturer or lease service. If this is the case you need to know this in advance of meeting with your move estimator so they know if these items are going to be covered on the moving companies scope of the move.

You should assign a move coordinator from your company. The move coordinator at your company should sit down with the move coordinator from the moving company to establish labeling systems for the entire office. Also to be in charge of collecting all of the floor plans from all employees so that when the moving team goes to deliver they have a floor plan for every room.

they should also coordinate the move with the IT team.

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