Don’t Pack Your Cat – Things to Think About When Moving Pets

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Moving pets can be tricky. Obviously moving companies do not transport pets inside the moving van.

Be sure that your pet is allowed to live in your new home. Many condo associations and communities exclude certain pets or breeds.

Be sure there is a safe place for your pet on moving day (and unloading day). You want  your pet from being hurt, or from getting out of your home while move.

The perfect place for your cat is in a cat carrier or in the bathroom. Dogs will be fine on a tie down outside.

An interstate move is a little more complicated. Request in advance all of your veterinary records so that you have them on you while traveling.

Check with the airlines as to their regulations. Airlines have restrictions as to which type of pets can be allowed in the passenger compartment, and often there are long delays for those pets traveling in the luggage compartment.

When driving, most cats and dogs respond well. Be sure you have what you need to keep your pet happy. Other animals, such as fish and birds are more challenging. They react to changing air temperatures. Cover your birdcage with a heavy blanket, and be sure that your fish are in a tight Styrofoam container that is secure. In Styrofoam, water temperature is effected less quickly.

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