How to Pack Your Electronics for Your Move

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The best way to transport electronics during your residential move is to save all of your original manufacturer boxes with the custom Styrofoam.

If you don’t have the original boxes then you should locate a box that is sturdy enough. We recommend that you use a double walled box when packing electronics. Be sure that the bottom and top of the box has some thick bubble wrap for protection.

Be sure you wrap every individual electronic components in thin bubble wrap. And in between the components you should have another layer of the bubble wrap for added protection.

We feel that with our experience and frequency that our movers are more qualified to pack your electronic items. However, many homeowners choose to save money and pack themselves.

There is one item that we recommend that you do NOT pack: the large, flat screen TV. Everything over 44″ in size, we recommend you leave these for professional movers. We have seen too many homeowners get hurt in trying to move and pack these large tv’s.

A successful move for electronics starts before  you put the items in the box.

Make sure when you disconnect these items, that do so in a manner that allows you to put them back together again. You want to be sure that all the cables and cords are taken from the back and you have a diagram to reassemble if you need it.

You don’t want to take a stack of interconnected electronics and put them in the box together. You also need to keep all the components remotes and cords in a ziploc bag in the same box with the electronic item.

We also suggest that you have all of your software and files all backed up. Be sure there are no CD’s or DVD’s in the computer or player.

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