How to Pack Wine for Moving

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If you are moving locally, and you have a wine collection or just a number of unopened bottles of wine you would like to move, book boxes will work just fine to pack the unopened wine bottles.

Crumple two pieces of packing paper as padding to line the bottom of the box.

Wine bottles vary in height, so laying them down is a preferred way of packing them. Wrap each bottle individually in news print and lay them down in the box one row at a time. In between each row, crumble two pieces of packing paper as padding.

Be careful not to over-pack the box. Leave at least an inch or two at the top of the box to allow for more packing paper as padding.

When the box is full, close the box and seal with two pieces of tape. Remember to label the box so you know what is inside and in which room it should be going in your new home.

For more tips, you can visit the packing tips page or please contact Marathon Moving.

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