Andrew Square Boston MA

Andrew Square Boston

Andrew Square in Boston is a great location for taking walking tours. This small section of the city is located right in the middle of the public transit system and offers access to a number of different neighborhoods. Walking here can be a great way to get around Boston’s Financial District. You can find some great tour groups that will take you through the many sites in this busy part of town. You can also just stroll around and have fun, taking in all the sites along the way.

Boston has many neighborhoods, but perhaps the most famous among them is Boston Common. This location offers a wide variety of activities for visitors. Walking here will allow you to take in some of the historical aspects of the entire Boston city. There is even a walking tour of the famed Boston Tea Party, which was held in 16 rims. Another famous event here took place in 1677 and was referred to as the Boston Massacre. You can read about this in many historical books, and it is sure to fascinate you as well.

Tours of Boston and The John Hancock Tower

Another popular destination with tours of this nature is the John Hancock Tower. It offers visitors the chance to take in the view from the highest point in all of Boston. There are also tours of the grounds as well as tours of various historical spots. This is a great way to enjoy seeing the city from an entirely different perspective.

If you would rather do something besides walk or drive around, there are numerous options. Some tours will take you by train while others will take you by bicycle. Some will even offer you a limo ride around the city. You can also find several great walking tours of Boston through the media. These often provide some interesting information about the colonial era and its impact on our society today.

Amazing Bike Tours Of The City

The last major option for visiting Boston is by bicycle. Bike tours of the city can be found all over the United States, and this is especially true of Massachusetts. There are several companies that offer tours of this nature. One of them even organizes group biking trips throughout the state! This is a great way to get the exercise you need to stay healthy, while learning about the culture of Boston.

All of these tours are a great way to enjoy Boston. Andrew Square is a good place to start, if you are interested in a particular aspect of the city. As you travel around and take in other parts, you will learn more about the history and the culture of this amazing area. Whether you plan to just walk or take a bus or subway ride, you are sure to have a great time while learning about the attractions of this important city.

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