Instruction To Claimant

  1. Read the attached instructions to ensure proper completion of the claim form
  2. Print or type the requested information to the best of your knowledge.
Boston MA moving office

Instruction of claim for Loss and Damage

Please follow the step-by-step instructions.

Inventory Number: If your shipment has gone interstate or has come into Marathon Moving Company storage there will be an inventory number sticker assigned to every item. If you moved locally within Massachusetts disregard this step.

If an article is claimed lost, the immediate reporting of it is very important. Please give full description i.e. make, model, color, size, shape, pattern, etc., which will be used for tracing purposes. When completing the claim form please state where purchased, and the purchase price. If a carton is missing, identify contents of container and inventory number if applicable. If an article is damaged describe the severity and location of damage, such as worn, torn, soiled, rubbed, scratched, dented, etc., explaining the exact location such as “top right front corner,” “bottom left side panel,” etc. Furniture such as sofas and chairs are described left or right facing the article, NOT from sitting position. This is necessary to compare the origin inventory to determine new or pre-existing damages. On packed items, indicate where the container was damaged and the extent of any damages. If any of the damaged articles are electronics or appliances, you must submit written repair estimates from a local repair company, i.e. Sears, Best Buy, along with completed claim form. Estimates for repairs to electronics and appliances must describe the damage to the item, the cause of the damages and what repairs will need to be made. One estimate is required for appliances and electronics. Please include photo documentation if possible.

Marathon Moving  Company reserves the right to inspect any or all of the items claimed. Do not dispose of the damaged articles or do not proceed with any repair unless authorized by Marathon Moving Company.

If you must have something repaired prior to settlement of the claim you may do so at your own risk and expense. If Marathon Moving  Company is liable for the repair we will reimburse you at the time of settlement. You must submit a detailed written report from the repair person or service company describing the damages, the cause of the damages and the repairs that were made. You must also submit the repair invoice and properly completed claim form.

Once your claim has been received it will be entered into our claims system. If we have any questions we will contact you.