Commercial Packing and Moving Tips

Marathon Moving Company wants your office move to go as smoothly as possible. If you have decided to pack and prepare the office supplies, equipment, and furniture yourselves, we would like to offer the following tips to help ensure the safe arrival of your whole set-up.

Do Not Move Unnecessary Items

  • Before packing, purge unnecessary supplies, files, etc. that you won’t need in your new office.

When Packing Cartons

  • Moving small plants, deck clocks, pictures and other personal property is generally the responsibility of the employees that own them.
  • Each carton is to be packed tightly and sealed to prevent damage and disarrangement due to shifting. All cartons need to be labeled clearly with destination and contents.
  • All keys are to remain in the possession of the employee who uses or is assigned responsibility for the locked items. Do not leave keys in desks or file cabinets.
  • Remove ink and other liquids from drawers and place in packing cartons. Caps must be on tightly to prevent leakage. Desk pen and ink sets must be emptied. For additional protection, please place liquids in a plastic bag and seal.
  • Glassware and breakable objects should be wrapped with white newsprint or bubble wrap and packed securely in cartons to prevent breakage.
  • Small articles such as pencils, pens, scissors, paper clips, erasers, rubber bands, etc. should be placed in sealed envelopes which are then packed in cartons.
  • Place letter trays in packing cartons. Multiple tray assemblies should be taken apart before packing.

Desks, Credenzas, and Tables with Drawers

  • These items will be moved on end and certain precautionary measures and preparations are required.
  • To prevent the contents of the desk from becoming disarranged, remove all contents and place in cartons.
  • Please lock drawers if possible.
  • Glass desk tops, desk pads and chair mats must bear the same identification label as the desks to which they belong.

File Cabinets

  • Vertical file cabinets will be moved with contents intact.
  • The sliding guide at the back of each drawer should be moved tightly against the files.
  • Vertical files over 2 drawers should be packed if there are stairs involved. The bottom 2 drawers can remain full.
  • Lateral file cabinets over 2 drawers must be completely emptied when stairs are involved.
  • If there are no stairs involved lateral file cabinets can be moved with up to 3 drawers full. For cabinets over 3 drawers the top drawers should be emptied and the bottom drawers left full.
  • Please lock your file cabinets if you have the keys. If you don’t have a key, the cylinder lock on the files should be taped open to prevent inadvertent locking.
  • More than ordinary attention must be given to the sequential numbering of file cabinets, sectional bookcases, etc. with respect to location and destination.

Supply Cabinets and Bookcases

  • Remove all contents and place in packing cartons. Observe the instructions for small articles and liquids.
  • Shelves will be removed due to shifting and must bear the same identification label as the cabinet to which they belong.
  • Shelf tabs should be removed and placed in an envelope and packed into a carton with the contents from the cabinet or bookcase.


  • Large pictures and wall mounted bulletin/white boards must be labeled.
  • Do not place labels directly on to the artwork.
  • Marathon Moving  will pad the artwork unless otherwise directed.

Computers and IT Equipment

  • Laptops should be moved by the employee normally responsible for that laptop.
  • Back up and park your P.C. hard drive if applicable. Please take your back up disc with you.
  • Remove toner from laser printers and fax machines. Place in tightly sealed bags.
  • Label all equipment and accessories. (Do not place label directly on the CRT screen).
  • Disconnect all cables. Place your keyboard in your keyboard bag, (provided by Marathon), along 
with your cables, mouse, mouse pads, speakers, etc. Seal your keyboard bag tightly and place a label on the outside.
  • Copiers need to be prepped prior to moving and many lease contracts require that the lease company move the machine. Call your service representative to check your warranty or service contract to make sure moving contractor is authorized.
  • If owned and allowed by service contract, all ink and water must be drained from machines.
  • Please consult your MIS department or owner’s manual for specific directions with respect to moving your electronic and computer equipment.