Chinatown Boston Massachusetts

Chinatown Boston Ma

The Chinatown Boston Massachusetts area is an integral part of Greater Boston. Situated between Boylston and Commonwealth College, it is a vibrant part of the greater Boston area that is just as diverse and welcoming as the rest of town. Downtown Boston’s Chinatown is a dynamic late-night commercial center and the cultural nerve center of the Chinese community. Asian restaurants range from small dim sum palaces and dumpling houses to upscale seafood spots and local gift shops.

At the heart of the neighborhood, Chinatown Park features an enormous river-like water fountain, landscaped gardens, and beautiful gardens along the bank of the river. At the opposite end of the same complex are Chinatown Church and Memorial. It was built in remembrance of the Chinese who died during the Chinese Revolution. The memorial features a monumental statue of Buddha and two large stained glass windows displaying Chinese writing. At the southern end of the park is an open-air Chinese supermarket.

Neighborhoods Surrounding Chinatown

The neighborhoods surrounding Chinatown have all been modernized with new housing and business centers rising nearby. The historic areas are beautiful and quaint, and well worth the extra walking time. Most of the neighborhoods surrounding the neighborhood are mid-sized and offer plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. Many feature beautiful gardens and public places like parks and outdoor cafes. The enclave actually spreads across three cities – Cambridge, Medford, and Westborough.

Back downtown, there are many beautiful shops and restaurants. There are also many historic Asian theaters and historical museums nearby. The Bedfordshire historic district is full of beautiful old buildings and many wonderful ethnic restaurants and small businesses. The Westborough district features the historic Woolstone Market, which is a wonderful place to purchase unique goods and have delicious meals. It’s the perfect place to take an afternoon to just walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

Living in this wonderful neighborhood is a dream for any person who loves the city and the outdoors. Living in this neighborhood allows you to enjoy all the best of both worlds. You can live on the city’s east side and enjoy the shopping and dining opportunities on the west side. You can be close to the exciting things going on the other side of town but still have your own personal space.

Chinatown has many historical sites and sights to see. It is also close to many recreational options, such as the MBTA Green Line, which allows you to get to work without ever leaving the train. It’s an ideal location for new residents. They will have access to a great job, schools, and many other benefits. Living in the neighborhood allows you to experience the beauty of Boston while still being able to go home to a quiet, relaxing life. The neighborhoods are known for their warm, friendly atmosphere and great neighbors.

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