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Once its peaceful town, Dorchester is today Boston’s largest and diverse residential community, evident by the wide variety of international cuisines available on Dorchester Avenue. The community hosts UMass Boston, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, and the Dorchester Cultural Center, with numerous exhibits on the civil Rights era and other cultural events. The Neponset River runs through a part of Dorchester, while Franklin Park and a big park known as South Shore Green Park is located on the opposite sides of the river. Dorchester has gained a reputation as being a desirable residential region with great food, shopping, and entertainment opportunities.

The people of Dorchester are proud of their town’s history and are proud of their cuisine, which is noted on several national chef shows including Top Chef. Dorchester has attracted families and people of all ages for its warm and friendly atmosphere. Dorchester offers a very interesting history. The town was first settled by Dutch immigrants who opened the first Boston Post Office there. Many of the original buildings date back to the colonial period, including a Dutch church.

Getting to Know Your Neighborhood: Dorchester

Many fine restaurants and cafes have been established in Dorchester over the years, including Milk n’ Jelly, Picnic Peas, Toast House, and Cafe au Chapeau. Dorchester also boasts a charming market town feel, complete with ice-cream shops, gift shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Dorchester Avenue is lined with trendy cafes and restaurants, where you can find a variety of specialty food and beverage selections. The weekends are prime times for family and restaurant outings in Dorchester. Dorchester has been voted the top American burg in a recent list of best burgs.

One of the hottest new businesses to hit Dorchester is Sunday brunch, which is available in many restaurants throughout the city. Dorchester has bantered around the idea of making brunch their own, and with great success. brunch includes anything from pastrami-coated turkey sandwiches to house-made ginger beer and puddings, to root beer floats and maple-glazed donuts. Dorchester also features an incredible array of fresh foods and sandwiches, from starters like fresh fruit and cheese platters, to eggless pancakes and waffles, to meatloaf and fresh wraps.

Dorchester Historical Society

Dorchester also offers several upscale dining options, boasting fine restaurants like the Ritz Carlton and the Shedburn Place, as well as casual dining locations like the Wildair and Blue Moon. Dorchester is home to some of the finest English pubs and restaurants, such as The Smith and the Captain’s House. You will also find some great American eateries, including Pure Food and Wine and Jack’s Lobster. Add to that a number of well-known pubs and restaurants offering a variety of snacks, sandwiches, burgers, tapas, and other delicacies, including Boston Market, Fowl Point, and Burger King, and you have a town with plenty to offer.

For a real taste of Dorchester, I highly recommend strolling through its historic streets at night, sampling the local cuisine, and sampling the town’s fantastic array of pubs, restaurants, and cafes. To me, there’s no better way to spend a summer evening than taking in a few rounds of good old fashion American food at one of the many small local bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for a great spot for your next summer vacation spot, Dorchester in BD is one of the cities that I would suggest.

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