Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace can be referred to as just Faneuil Hall, but this is only one place in it. The original destination opened back in 17 42 when a man called Peter Faneuil, an extremely wealthy local merchant, constructed it. It was designed to be a large place for fishermen, and all other traders to sell their goods to the local market. However, later on, Faneuil Hall became more than just a trading center. Today, it is considered a tourist attraction in itself.

When you visit Boston, you will want to take a trip to Faneuil Hall. The historic marketplace was originally built to be used by merchants. Today, it serves as a tourist attraction located in the South End of Boston. In addition to being Boston’s largest outdoor market, it also offers a glimpse into the history of Boston.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performers

One of Faneuil Hall’s most notable features is the Faneuil Marketplace, which is a one-acre public square featuring many different vendors and live entertainment. This is the biggest selling point to a visitor to Boston. If you visit Faneuil Hall, you will see all of the excitement that attracts many people to the city. From fresh fish to hand made clothing, there is something available for anyone. The square also allows visitors to take a look at the many historical artifacts that are part of Faneuil Hall.

Another attraction in Faneuil Hall is the Quinonite Church. Built in 1827, the church is the oldest building on the block. The interior is decorated with works of art and high quality furniture, while the exterior features beautiful brick pathways that lead to the storefront. Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the Quinonite Church makes an excellent stop during any of your Faneuil Hall tours.

Outside Faneuil Hall, you will find a new urban marketplace in honor of the Boston Bruins. This urban marketplace, known as the “Conversation Center,” hosts a variety of lectures, musical performances, poetry reading, and lectures on several different topics. Among the speakers at this hall include Professor Stephen Sundman, Executive Vice President and Provost at Harvard University; John Jaymes, Professor of American Studies at Harvard; Mark Twain, noted American author and journalist; and Harvard professor emeritus William Fletcher. This center has become a favorite gathering place for local and international students from around the world.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – Restaurants, Quincy Market Food Colonnade

Faneuil Hall Marketplace offers a plethora of food vendors including Italian food, Chinese food, Indian food, Middle Eastern food, Mexican food, Caribbean food, and Scottish and Irish cuisine. If you have not been to Faneuil Hall, do not be afraid to take in one of the many street performers that frequent the area. In addition to music, there are also jugglers, magicians, hypnotists, and acrobats that visit Faneuil Hall throughout the week. During the town meeting, Faneuil Hall hosts a number of free programs each week. These programs range from poetry reading to movie nights, both of which are popular with locals and tourists alike.

Other street performers that frequently appear at Faneuil Hall are the Boston Pizza Guys, the Hit Squad, the Hit Girls, and the Poppers. While at Faneuil Hall, be sure to check out the numerous shops, restaurants, and bars that are located on the historic streetscapes throughout the historic hall. Many of these shops, restaurants, and bars offer performers daily.

For those who wish to purchase Faneuil tickets, there are only a few locations in Boston that still sell them. The most popular and accessible are the Boston Globe Theater and the Government Center. The Boston Globe Theater offers regularly schedule comedy shows as well as holiday programming, while the Government Center hosts musical performances and street performers nearly every day. Whether you are looking for the perfect date, the ultimate Boston weekend, or just a great night out with friends, the Faneuil Hall Marketplace has it all.

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