Harvard University

Harvard University

The history of Harvard University dates back to 1636. Located in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is a world leader in higher education. The University offers over 200 majors and degrees through its twelve degree-granting schools. The school is also home to the world’s most prestigious business schools and the medical school. Currently, over 360,000 alumni are registered with the University. This is an impressive list of accomplishments for a small university.

Harvard’s campus consists of 209 acres in Cambridge, three miles from downtown Boston. The Harvard Yard includes the university’s administrative buildings, libraries, and Memorial Church. The campus also includes the main academic buildings for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, including Sever Hall and Harvard Hall. The university also offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The Harvard Yard also houses the school’s athletic complex, as well as many other buildings that serve as a hub for campus life.

The Harvard University Campus

The Harvard University campus includes a variety of buildings that house the university’s faculty, offices, and research. In addition to the main buildings of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Yard also includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This campus is also home to several other universities and research facilities. The academic buildings of Harvard are spread across several locations, including Cambridge. These locations have different requirements, but all of them are worth a visit.

Harvard University is an extremely selective school. The admissions process is highly competitive, so it is important to meet minimum SAT/ACT and GPA requirements. It is recommended to aim for the 75th percentile on the SAT or ACT. It also has a 4.0 or higher GPA. The university has an intense athletic rivalry with Yale, which is exemplified by the annual Game, played in October. However, these standards are not the only requirements for admission to Harvard.

Academic Life of Harvard University

The academic life of Harvard University consists of liberal arts and sciences, with a strong focus on critical thinking. Despite the high demand for its students, the school’s academic program attracts a diverse range of students. The university’s curriculum is highly competitive, and there are some requirements to qualify for admission. A minimum SAT/ACT score of 35 is required for admissions. A minimum GPA of 4.18 is also required. Applicants with lower GPA must impress the school with the rest of their application.

In addition to academics, Harvard also has more than 450 student organizations. Some of the best known are the Harvard Lampoon, which is the oldest humor magazine in the world. Other organizations include the Act on a Dream organization, which aims to educate students about immigration reform. Founded by a priest in 1636, the university’s first printing press was installed in 1638. In 1650, a charter was created for the school to run. A few years later, the first students graduated from the school.

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