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For interstate shipments we offer two valuation options for you to choose from to protect your goods.

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Two Options

Please note that valuation is not insurance. It is a limited carrier liability set by our tariff. In the event of loss or damage caused by the carrier during your move, Stevens’ maximum liability is determined by the value at which you release your goods and the coverage option you choose. We want you to understand the coverage options available and offer an explanation for both below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our representatives for more information.

Option 1: Basic Liability

Basic liability is the minimum coverage under which your goods can be released and is provided at no additional charge. Under this coverage our maximum legal liability is limited to $0.60 per pound per article. An example: A 100 lb dining room table valued at $3000 is lost or damaged; our maximum liability is $60.00 (100 lbs x $0.60 /lb). This is insufficient protection for most situations. It is only recommended when accompanied by an insurance policy that covers goods in transit.

Option 2: Full Value Protection

The best protection in the industry. Full Value coverage, provides for repair, replacement or reimbursement (whichever is less) at today’s replacement cost. No depreciation is applied. This coverage extends to pairs and sets. If Stevens cannot replace an exact duplicate to match the other item(s) in a pair or set, we will replace the pair or set and salvage rights may be exercised. Full Value coverage must be purchased at an amount which is at least equal to the shipment weight multiplied by $6.00 per pound, or $5000, whichever is greater. You can declare a higher value than the minimum and can purchase Full Value at a reduced cost by choosing one of our deductible options from $250 to $1000.
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The following items are subject to exclusion from claims under all options:
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