John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

John F Kennedy Presidential Library

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is located in Boston, Massachusetts, close to the famed “Green Monster” in downtown Boston. It can easily be reached by traveling on commuter rail from the JFK/Boston MBTA subway’s famous station or by bus on the newly renovated MBTA West Orange Line. The first floor of the library features a giant museum housing political memorabilia, including first-edition books on the First American President, plus an extensive collection of photography. Visitors to this historic museum start their tour in the center of the museum, where they watch a video presentation accompanied by President Kennedy discussing his historical speeches.

Other special features of the library are its two fine libraries: One is devoted to the First American Presidency, also known as the “Founding Fathers” in history; the other is a repository of important documents, including the less-than-popular Secret Administration Files, the correspondence, and other papers relating to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis affair. The former library also contains the John F. Kennedy presidential library and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Center, which is designed to honor the president’s legacy. Exhibits inside include artworks commemorating the First American President, and a wide selection of rare and valuable works by the other leaders of the American administration. Many of these are on display in the museum’s two fine libraries.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Another important feature of the library is its two enormous exhibition halls, which contain works spanning the full breadth of American history. The largest hall, the Great Hall, contains two floors filled with displays commemorating different periods in the nation’s history – war, peace, civil rights, and free enterprise. The exhibit area, which is almost two miles long, is topped by a towering, sixty-foot spiral staircase, designed to take visitors directly to the platform for the presidential chair. A second floor houses the Special Collections Building, home to the National Portrait Gallery, a portion of the artist’s lifetime work. In these buildings, one can find famous art collections, including famous photographs of the most notable Americans of the past, as well as rare books, manuscripts, and other artifacts.

The Kennedy presidential library and museum 360 views offer a fascinating look into the personalities and moments that defined the day. The south end of the museum has an auditorium where the first National Democratic Convention gathered in Dallas. It is here that the first of what would become known as Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was set up. The south end of the museum features an exhibit of the Performing Arts, featuring works by Robert Altman, Clark Allen, Lee Strasberg, and others.

White House Diary

The north end of the museum features an exhibit of the First American President’s cabinet. Exhibits include the very first Cabinet meetings held in the White House under Presidents McKinley and Taft. A visit to the special exhibitions will highlight the administration’s policy towards the arts during those years. An example is a display entitled “The Great Depression: Making art work During the Crisis” which examines the efforts of artists to express political views. Another famous exhibit is the Special Olympics, an initiative launched by the president to increase participation by children in athletic events. Among the displays are the results of the medal count for the first Olympic Games to be held in America, as well as theses from every American Olympic Team and highlights of sports history.

A visit to the Kennedy library will allow visitors to explore the many treasures from this administration. One can see his or her choice of photo on the cover of the first lady bouncer exhibit. This image shows Mrs. Kennedy with her son, the future president, at an appropriate time, while she is wearing a scarf, a symbol of their marriage.

New Location – About JFK

The John F. Kennedy presidential library and museum are located in Boston, Massachusetts, within the Museum of Contemporary Art. Boston is the oldest city in America and is one of its most cultural. The city is home to notable attractions such as the Science Museum, the Museum of Afro-American History, and the Boston Massacre Site. The Museum of Contemporary Art is also home to numerous installations from different artists, including works by Pollock, Manet, de Kooning, Warhol, and Bragg. Other prominent installations in the museum include a recreation of the Christening Table from Rembrandt’s The Garden of Eden and a reproduction of Michelangelo’s David.

In addition to these famous attractions, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum have some other activities that any visitor should not miss. One of the highlights is the ” Jacqueline Kennedy On tour” program, which lets visitors explore the famed shopping district in Boston. This tour is organized in cooperation with the Rebook and Share book store and is scheduled during the summer. Other special events include guided candlelight dinners in remembrance of the former first lady and guided tours of the historic sites in Boston.

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