International Moving Protection

 Marathon Moving provides basic liability coverage for the loss or damage of transported goods. If additional protection is requested, we offer options to cover items exceeding basic liability.

Basic Liability

Basic liability covers loss or damage while in Marathon’s care at a released value of $0.60 per pound. This is insufficient in most cases and is only recommended when goods are covered through another policy.

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Depreciated Value Protection

Coverage provides for repair or replacement according to current market value cost of equivalent item at destination, based on the depreciated value of the item. Declared value must be at minimum of $6.00 per pound.

Replacement Cost Protection

This covers the full cost of repair or replacement of lost or damaged items, based on the cost of an equivalent item at the country of destination. Replacement Cost Protection coverage insures against direct personal loss from pack date to delivery date and includes 60 days of storage coverage. An extension beyond this time limit is available. Declared value must be at minimum $8.00 per pound.

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Valued Inventory

In order to protect your shipment adequately, a valued inventory must be completed prior to pickup. If you have your item listed for other purposes in a computer program, just print a copy for us and sign the valued inventory for the selected amount of coverage. Please check the list prior to printing to make sure that the items reflect replacement cost at destination. At a minimum, items valued at $500 or more per item, pair or set (20% of the total of shipment, depending on volume), must be valued prior to the move in order to pursue the opportunity for full recovery. Deductibles are available and may reduce the cost of insurance.