Needham Town Forest 

If you’re looking for a scenic area in Needham, MA, consider hiking or biking through the Needham Town Forest. This 172-acre park has 10 miles of trails for people of all ages. Trails are marked with colorful birdhouses and are dotted throughout the forest. A map of the park is available at the town hall. The Forest is a great place to get some exercise, and families with children will enjoy the area’s wildlife.

There are numerous trails for biking, walking, and running. There are also plenty of open spaces to explore and conservation lands to visit. The trails provide a destination for exercise or fun, and you can even take part in geocaching. In addition, you can visit the High Rock overlook for a panoramic view of the surrounding area. If you’re in town on a Saturday, consider volunteering at the Needham Town Forest. More from us.

Needham is a popular suburb of Boston, MA, just southwest of the state capital. Residents enjoy a friendly atmosphere, good public schools, and a low crime rate. The town was incorporated in 1711 and is named after Needham Market in England. Early settlers relied on agriculture and lumbering to support themselves. After the Revolutionary War, the town experienced an industrial growth spurt, and today is known as the richest city in Massachusetts.

This community has an extremely competitive housing market, and the average home is sold for 4% more than its listing price. Moreover, the median home price is $1.3 million, and the cost of living is $435 per square foot. This means that if you’re interested in purchasing a home in Needham, MA, you should act now before prices increase even further. You can save thousands of dollars by searching for a home in Needham now.

Needham Town Forest is located on a beautiful hillside that was once home to the town’s first school. The area was a popular summer resort for kids, and was even the site of a Boy Scout camp. In 1938, the Scouts built a cabin there, using wood from the old Harris School. The building was destroyed in the 1970s, and a private out-of-town group tried to buy the land. They intended to quarry the rock for commercial purposes. This group was defeated by the town, and the land was purchased by the Harris School.

Needham Town Forest has several trails for the public to explore. There is a one-mile trail around Rosemary Lake that is ideal for walkers and cyclists. The trail has over four thousand feet of trails and is easily accessible. Regardless of experience level, the trails are accessible to everyone. The trails are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities, and the town is committed to preserving them for future generations. See our next attraction.



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