Roslindale Massachusetts

Roslindale Boston Massachusetts

Roslindale was originally part of the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. The original houses were constructed from red brick. Today, they still are but the houses have been remodeled and updated to keep the look of old brick. Many of the houses date back to the eighteenth century. They have been repaired and refurbished to make them as attractive as they can be.

Historical places To See and Visit

There are a lot of historical places to see and visit in the neighborhood of Roslindale Boston. The West Roxbury district has a lot of churches. They are all named for American Revolutionary War heroes like Samuel Stone, Robert Murphy, John Winthrop, and Thomas Jefferson. These famous men all have their own statues at the four corners of the main street in the town of roslindale. It is also worth seeing the beautiful Victorian homes that line the other side of the street in the roslindale village.

The old-fashioned rowing horses used by pioneers are kept at the nearby rowing stadium. People of all ages will enjoy rowing at this facility. They also show elephant and dolphin shows at the nearby zoo. If you are looking for a vacation spot in Jamaica Plain, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the farm and see all that it has to offer. Roslindale is the perfect place to stay during your stay in Jamaica Plain.

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