USS Constitution Museum

USS Constitution Museum

The USS Constitution Museum is located in Boston Massachusetts. This museum is dedicated to the Constitution of the United States of America. The museum was built in 1958 and is the oldest museum in Boston. This museum has a huge amount of historical value and is well worth a visit.

The museum can be reached by one of two modes. The first is from the Charles River. The second is from the famous Bostonians Faneuil Hall. There is room for a shuttle bus, and they often have wheelchair access to get around. If you are taking a group tour, be sure that the tour guide tells you where the museum is located so that you do not have to take a detour just to see the USS Constitution Museum.

Visiting USS Constitution

When the museum is not open, the museum will have scheduled public visits. To find out what dates these public visits will be, call the museum at least six weeks before the scheduled visit. Information about when the museum will be open for public visits can also be found on the museum’s website. Public tours are usually scheduled during the weekdays. There are also some special events hosted periodically that people can attend.

During the summer, the USS Constitution Museum hosts various events and free attractions. The first is their Freedom Trail. This trail runs along the front of the museum from the Science Center to the Boston Common. The Freedom Trail is two miles long and includes several interactive exhibits and trips that are kid-friendly. Other attractions include a nine-mile walking path through the Boston Common under the Charles River, a boat tour, an island-hopping adventure, and a trip to the historic Lyeford Estate.

The USS Constitution Museum is open!

If history is really important to you, the museum has a lot to offer. In addition to the Freedom Trail, there is a free interpretive center where you can learn more about the history of the US and the significance of the Constitution. You can also go on an exciting and awe-inspiring boat tour around the Boston harbor and learn more about how the Constitution got its name. On Mondays, April through May, the museum hosts an interactive Exhibit and Lecture on “The American Revolution: A Narrative, Volume I”, which highlights the events leading up to the signing of the Constitution.

The USS Constitution Museum also features an interactive exhibit on “asted” ironclads. The six ships that helped form the United States Navy in 1775 had ironclad decks made of iron, not of wood. These ironclad ships are joined together by galvanized iron on the bottom and the upper surface. This exhibits allows people to experience what it was like to sail on ironclad warships during the tumultuous time when American shipbuilding was in full swing. The shipwrecks also serve as an impressive display of the Navy’s development during the years prior to the Constitution’s launch.

Visiting Information for USS Constitution

There is also the USS Constitution Museum at the Presidio of San Diego, a National Historic Landmark. The museum displays a recording of the first Thanksgiving in America, as well as a recording of the firing of the first shots ever recorded at Fort Point in California. This museum also includes an exhibit on the ill-fated USS Monitor, which is the original Spanish vessel that served as a monitoring vessel for the passage of the treaty at the Pacific Ocean in 1819.

While in Philadelphia, visit the Science Museum of Virginia; it houses two science labs that house the world’s largest collection of robots. Visit the Independence National Historical Park which is located in Philadelphia’s Broad Street. Here, you can go on an enlightening walking tour of the historic region which took place during the colonial period. Public visitation to both the Science Museum of Virginia and the Philadelphia Museum of Art is highly encouraged; in fact, there are opportunities to volunteer at either one of these institutions.

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