West End Boston MA

West End Boston Ma

West End in Boston, Massachusetts is the center point for arts, culture, and multi-cultural hotspots in America. The renovated West End is largely dominated by high-rise buildings and Massachusetts General Hospital. It is also nearby to the museums, including the Museum of Science and Space flight, which has an indoor planetarium and interactive exhibits. The nearby Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park and The Boston Garden is home to the Bruins and Celtics. The West End Museum features an eclectic mix of cultural venues and galleries

The West End in Boston, Massachusetts is bordered generally by Boston Common, and the Charles River. The neighborhoods are mostly built along what is known as the West End/North End. The neighborhoods themselves were built around these historic harbors. The neighborhoods themselves include Beacon Hill, Hyde Park, and the areas between them.

The Neighborhood Itself is Very Diverse

In addition to being bordered by the Charles River, the West End in Boston is bordered generally by Boston Common, and the Boston University campus. It is within walking distance of all major universities in the state of Massachusetts. The neighborhood itself is very diverse, housing a large cross section of people from different cultures and ethnic groups. The neighborhoods themselves are very diverse, ranging from ethnic neighborhoods to modern middle-class residential neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have very interesting gated entrances and even some with gates.

The West End was once known for housing the world’s first “motor coach,” which used an electric trolley to whisk passengers to nearby colleges and universities. As the world moved into modernity, however, the West End began to lose its industrial presence. This decline prompted developers to begin building mixed-use buildings and in particular the kinds that are now popularly known as condos. The rise in condominium construction has led to a renewed interest in this neighborhood, and it is the perfect neighborhood for those who are looking for a home in constant action.

Boston and Took Advantage of The Urban Renewal Plans

One of the most striking aspects of the West End in Boston is the amount of historic character that continues to be present. The neighborhood was formed at the turn of the century during the industrial revolution, when wealth was evenly distributed across the city. The wealthy endowed their wealth in order to better the conditions of the working class. The result was an influx of immigrants, many of whom settled in Boston and took advantage of the urban renewal plans that were implemented under the authority of the state’s governor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

As these immigrants became comfortable in their new surroundings, they began to seek out the wealth they had left behind in their former homes, and sought to recreate the wealth they’d lost. This led to an influx of new neighborhoods, some of which never quite reached their potential. However, through careful planning and development, the southwest part of the city, which was once home to the more impoverished and arty south end of Boston, is today a vibrant and exciting core of wealthy neighborhoods.

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