Boston Children's Museum

Boston Children's Museum

Boston Children’s Museum is an amazing children’s museum located in Boston, Massachusetts, devoted to the learning of kids. Found on the Boston Harbor waterfront between the Boston Common and the Boston Harbor Bridge, it is the second-oldest children’s museum within the United States. It features several hundred activities intended to both educate and entertain children… all for free! The Museum offers many free attractions every day, including but not limited to: The Boston Massacre Experience, Bean & Bag Show, Blue Man Group, Curious George, Digging For Bugs, The Great Train Robbery, Madagascar, Meet the Parents, Speak Now, Take Me Out to the Zoo, and more. On special nights throughout the year, the museum also offers free admission to enjoy live entertainment.

Established in 1857, Boston Children’s Museum has been a center for learning since its inception. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most visited museums in Boston with millions of visitors each year. In recent years, the museum has showcased some of America’s greatest children and family stories, focusing on the stories of pioneers, immigrants, and children throughout our nation’s history. Many of these stories are featured in exhibits at the museum. Among the fascinating exhibits are: Jack the Ripper, The Boston Massacre Experience, The Great Depression Experience, The Adventures of the Little Engine, and more.

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A great way to experience the magic of Boston Children’s Museum without having to leave the comfort of your home or office is to visit the IQA Cognitive Reflection Laboratory. The lab was established by Dr. Helen Koffler to utilize her expertise and knowledge in brain health. She works with cutting-edge brain-scanning technology to discover how our brains process information. With brain imaging and neuropsychological research in use there, the laboratory allows visitors to use interactive touch screens and brain games to stimulate brain activity and improve brain functioning. The museum is also featuring the Koffler Chair in Neurocognition, which is designed to help you explore how your thoughts influence your behavior.

While you are in the Museum, you can also stop by the Peep’s Shop to experience firsthand what it means to be a Peep. The shop is filled with toys, puzzles, animals, and books that all combine to teach kids about individuality, creativity, sharing, and friendship. There are even special workshops and classes that will allow young children to have the opportunity to show their artwork while they practice their own vision and imagination. The shop also offers a bookstore filled with books and magazines on many different topics including culture, nature, and history.

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One of the highlights of the day is the signing of the famous Boston Children’s Museum book, The Book. The signing will allow you the opportunity to meet some of the most notable authors who have inspired the museum’s exhibits. In particular, Dr. Seuss is featured in the signing. You will get to learn that his name was not his actual name, but was actually a nickname that his mother gave him. The other notable authors signing the book are Dr. Henry Minty Spade, organizer of the first Boston Children’s Museum, and Dr. Arthur Blank.

The museum also features two special exhibits which take place on the History of Boston exhibit. The first one is a reconstruction of the historical Boston Chinatown, complete with a trolley to tour the many historical sites. The second is called “The Bulfinch Street Experience,” which allows visitors to visit the historic streets that ring the city. It includes a trip to a Bullfinch restaurant, a glimpse of the harbor, and even a chance to try your hand at the Chinese food.

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Beyond these two exhibits, visitors will find other educational experiences, including an interpretive display highlighting key cultures of Boston. The second newest exhibit is entitled “America’s First Boston Chinatown.” This is the first time that such an exhibit has been put together in over 100 years. This is an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to experience Chinatown in all of its glory from the point of view of the past. An interactive history trail along the Boston Common shows people the stories behind the early settlers, as well as Boston’s Chinatown, and what makes it unique.

The museum is home to many other intriguing exhibits, including a replica of Japan’s oldest house. Also on display are cherry trees from both Japan and China. A visit to the museum can provide something for everyone, no matter what the interest. Whether you come to enjoy science, history, art, or foreign culture, the Boston Children’s Museum will surely have an exhibit that matches your interests. When visiting the museum, consider a trip to Japan, where you can see the tree of life and meet a very warm and friendly Japanese family.

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