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Marathon Moving is able to meet your short and long-term storage needs with a facility that is clean, secure, and temperature-controlled.

Warehouses Meeting the Highest Industry Standards

Marathon Moving is able to meet your short and long-term storage needs with a facility that is clean, secure, and temperature-controlled.
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Our warehouse (storage buildings and units) is monitored 24 hours a day by a state of the art alarm system. It is equipped with a sprinkler system throughout and is fully containerized to meet industry standards.

Our warehousing system offers you one of the highest levels of protection for your goods. A temperature-controlled facility minimizes risks of excessive drying and veneer buckling to antiques and high gloss finishes common in unheated facilities with extreme temperature swings. The all-wood construction of our storage vaults further minimizes damage. All wood construction prevents moisture absorption that occurs in units with cement floors, especially those in unheated outdoor garage facilities. It also helps to prevent scratches to furniture being loaded along the walls, which occurs in storage units lined with mesh wire or sheet metal. Individual storage units prevent loss due to shipment confusion, which is often a problem for open floor plan warehouses.

All furniture is wrapped in furniture pads at your home prior to being loaded into our trucks. Items remain padded until they are delivered back to you and unwrapped in your new home. For your protection, a full inventory will be taken prior to the shipment being loaded. All items can be protected while stored in our warehouse by selecting the appropriate valuation. Our storage vaults measure 5’x7’x8’ (280 cubic feet) and hold approximately 1 to 1½ rooms of furniture.

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