Boston College

Boston College

Boston College is a private, research university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Founded as a Jesuit school in 1863, it has more than 9,300 undergraduate students and almost 5,000 graduate students. The school offers a wide range of degree programs in arts and sciences. The campus is surrounded by green space, and many of the buildings are historic, which makes it a great place to visit. Here are some of the reasons to visit.

The research library houses over two million volumes, including manuscripts, journals, government documents, microform items, and paintings from around the world. This includes the Boston College Archives and the Institute for Liberal Arts. Aside from its research collections, the College also sponsors a student newspaper, The Gavel. A variety of publications are published on campus, including The Torch, a progressive student magazine. The Torch, a Catholic publication, was founded in 2013. The New England Classic is a satirical weekly launched in Fall 2007.

Extracurricular Activities Boston College Offers

In addition to its academic programs, Boston College offers a number of extracurricular activities. The Gavel, an independent progressive student magazine, was founded in October 2009, and has a large readership among Catholics. The Torch, an independent Catholic newspaper, started in 2013, and The New England Classic, a satirical newspaper, launched in Fall 2007. While it is not required to apply to the school, a high SAT score can help you get in.

The Boston College community is extremely diverse. There are four colleges, eight schools, and a library. The university is home to more than 188,122 alumni. The alumni network is a great resource for finding a dream job. In addition to the alumni network, the campus is surrounded by beautiful landscaped grounds. You’ll have easy access to the city’s attractions while still having a collegiate atmosphere. A college experience should be a pleasant experience.

Outstanding Library Collection at Boston College

The College’s extensive library collection includes more than two million printed volumes, as well as manuscripts and journals. Its collections are particularly strong, and it’s easy to see why Boston’s alumni community is so vibrant. For example, over one hundred percent of the undergraduate population is from a minority, and students who don’t belong to a minority ethnicity or racial group are unlikely to be excluded. And, despite this diversity, the school’s alumni network is very diverse.

The college’s renowned research libraries contain more than two million printed books. From ancient papyrus scrolls to U.S. government documents, these collections contain world-renowned collections. Their collections also include rare art, manuscripts, and paintings from around the world. With over two million volumes and a faculty that is so engaged with academic and social issues, the Boston College community is highly respected. The academic community is one of the most selective in the country.

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