Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The Boston Tea Party is a chance to enjoy the bounties of Boston by sailing the Boston Harbor. This yearly occurrence takes place on the anniversary of the first Boston Tea in 16ea. Enjoy a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you experience this historical and cultural excursion through this multicultural city.

Experience the American History Museum with a visit to its four hundred and sixty year old historical vessel the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum. This historic vessel offers visitors a rare glimpse into the tumultuous time when colonists made their voyage back to Boston from England. The Ship is home to many artifacts that reflect the tumultuous time of the Boston Tea Party and the tumultuous relationship that the colonists had with the British government at the time. Sailors would bring exotic spices and chests of drawers from their travels, thus creating an entirely different culture from that of the English.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

The Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum is home to one of America’s foremost collections of tea items and ceramics. The Museum is also home to one of the largest collections of historical costumes in America. A visit to this historic attraction is an important event leading up to the fated tea. This annual event takes place in the Boston Common Waterfront on the first Sunday of April every year.

The Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum explores the tumultuous year-16th century, with a focus on the turbulent times in which the colonists made their voyage from England to Boston. Exploring this museum will give visitors a rare glimpse into the history of the British civil war. Amongst the displays that are available to you is a wax museum featuring over one thousand wax tins that have been used for preserving tea during the colonial era. The Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum also have a maritime wax museum that offers an exciting insight into the history of shipping and the role that the tea industry plays in it.

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Another highlight of the Boston tea party ships & museum is the fort-point channel that links Boston to the falls of the Charles River. The museum explores this important waterway during the summer with an outdoor environment that showcases the American colonial experience. Two of the featured areas in the fort-point channel are the William Warren House and the Old Town Church. These two historic buildings are the product of the first settlement in Boston and offer insight into life in the colony at this time.

A trip to the Boston Tea Room is another opportunity to purchase items and learn about the tea industry. This unique gift shop offers over three hundred unique handmade teas that you can pick up for an affordable price. You can also learn about the history of the tea industry in Boston through viewing the gift shop display. The gift shop is housed in a historic cartoon building featuring stuffed teddy bears and other memorabilia. This gift shop is perfect for a child or adult and is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Overview: What’s Included & What To Expect

One of the highlights of the entire trip is the Tea Party Ship & Museum at Fort Point. On a sunny Saturday morning the museum will celebrate the century-old tradition of throwing a tea party for friends and neighbors. During the tea party a team of people from Boston will gather on the Boston Wharf with a steamer and a pitcher of tea waiting for everyone to join them. As the boat docks, people can mingle and enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful scenery. The tea room is an authentic working steamboat dock where you can sit and listen to the bustling traffic passing by or simply take in the amazing views of the waterfront.

At the end of the day you can return to the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum, where you can enjoy brunch on the beach while listening to live music played by the bands along the harbor. On the last weekend of your trip you can return to the meeting house to relax by the pool and enjoy the quiet of the evening. After the party is over, you can go back to Boston where you can visit the Boston Tea Party Museum to enjoy the beautiful view from the grounds. You will also find many antique shops where you can purchase anything you are looking for. A cruise on one of the Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum boats would be the perfect ending to this wonderful vacation.

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