Massachusetts State House

Massachusetts State House

In 17 thirteen, after the colonial period, the seat of power in Massachusetts was the famed Old State House at the corner of Washington Street and State Street. After the American Revolution, colonial leaders desired a larger and grander residence to better represent the growing, prosperous new nation, large enough to accommodate a powerful government. The colonial leaders, fearing that a strong central government would depose the elected representatives and diminish their authority, voted in 17 thirteen to build what is now the State House.

The original purpose of the state house was to provide accommodation for the governor and other high officials. Today, it houses the state government as well as many of its agencies and independent agencies such as colleges and universities. It is Boston’s “Town Hall”

Details of Massachusetts State House

Historically, the town of Boston was built around the Boston Massacre. The colonists were terrified at the time and so they erected the state capitol on the site of what is today known as the Boston Massacre Site. It is where the Massacre occurred. Boston has been described as the birthplace of the free-enterprise enterprise system of government in the modern world. The town is also the home of the first US President, John Adams. The present Boston city motto is, “In God We Trust,” which is engraved on the state capitol.

One of the most significant buildings in Massachusetts is the Boston Common, which is located on the Charles River in Boston Massachusetts. The Boston Common is one of America’s first public schools. It was created around the time of the Massachusetts colonial assemblies. Today, the Boston Common houses a world-class bird sanctuary known as the Charles River Birdwatching Center.

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Another landmark in Boston is the Boston Red Sox baseball team park, which was built in remembrance of the American Revolution. The Boston Red Sox play at the Old Fenway Park on Boylston Street. In the ballpark, you will find an 18-hole championship golf course. The Boston Red Sox is owned by the current owner, John Epstein.

The state house sits on what is known as the “Green Monster,” which is located on the Charles River in Boston Massachusetts. It is the oldest building in the city and is a representation of the Boston harbor. A dome shaped like a sky globe sits on top of the dome, which is located in the green area of the park known as the Green Monster.

Tour the Massachusetts State House

The State House and its grounds are also the sites of the State Capitol building. This building was constructed in 1776 and is one of the largest structures in Massachusetts. It was named after the town of Beacon Hill, where it is located. The dome that tops the building is painted gray, the capitol is painted gray, and the lighthouse on top of the building is a replica of the original.

Finally, the Boston Common, which serves as the outdoor observation deck of the State House, is the oldest building in the city. It was built in seventeen fifty fifty-six by the first Boston mayor, John Winthrop. The Boston Common is well worth a visit. A trip to the Boston Common is a must if you are ever in Massachusetts.

The Fenway Park Zoo is another must see site. There are two sides of the park with a hundred and sixty-three different species of animals including all kinds of birds. You can climb the forty-four flights of stairs to get to the zoo. The zoo is on the second floor of the Fenway Park Zoo. You can also take a walking tour through the zoo.

Contents of the Massachusetts State House

A few stops to the South End of town are well worth a stop. The oldest living museum in Boston is the Museum of Afro-American History. The museum is also home to the Boston Massacre Site, where massacres of blacks were killed during the Boston Tea Party. The Museum of Afro-American History is located between Commonwealth Avenue and Boylston Street in Boston. To go on this walking tour, you need to call the Massachusetts state government office for tickets or go online and purchase your ticket.

If you love history and want to experience some at the Massachusetts State House, visit the museums, shops, and historic sites. After visiting the various attractions, make your way back to Beacon Hill to walk the same steps you took to get to the Boston Common. Enjoy this beautiful piece of Massachusetts history. For a glimpse into our past, come visit Beacon Hill.

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