Fairbanks House Museum 

The Fairbanks House Museum c. 1637 is a historical site in Dedham, Massachusetts. This home is a true representation of the way early settlers lived, and it is an opportunity to see how their lives differed from ours. Located at 511 East St, Dedham, MA 02026. This surviving house was built for eternity, and while it has seen several additions over the centuries, it has remained almost as it was when the Fairbanks family lived there in the first place. No plumbing, electricity, or heating have been installed, and the interior has remained virtually unchanged since the Fairbanks family first built the home. See more about moving.

The oldest house in New England is the Fairbanks House, which was built by Jonathan and Mary Fairbanks in 1637. The house is the oldest dwelling continuously owned by its builder, and it is considered the oldest timber-frame structure in North America. Despite its age, the house still holds up well today and is a popular Dedham attraction. You can learn about the Fairbanks family’s history by visiting the museum.

The oldest part of the Fairbanks House was finished in 1641. This section has been dated using the dendrochronology of several beams, with one of them dating to 1637. Although other houses in America are older, they have not been scientifically dated. Fairbanks House is almost universally regarded as the oldest house in New England. It is open from May to October and is a great way to spend the weekend.

The Fairbanks family established a cemetery for their ancestors before the settlers came to the area. Today, this cemetery is the only one in Dedham dating back to the original Fairbanks family. Puritans did not use symbols for their dead bodies. In Dedham, people were buried with their feet facing east. Today, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Court Street stands beside the Fairbanks House. Next Post.

Early settlers in Dedham included Nicholas Phillips and Ezekiel Holliman. They used common-land trees to build their houses, and they helped each other with the construction of their own. Their houses were typically had only two rooms, and a chimney was located in the center section. The interior would have been much larger than Fairbanks House today. The first few residents who built their houses in Dedham were farmers and had a single living quarter. 

The bricks that make up this house were probably brought to Dedham on the Charles River from England. They were laid in a manner that preserved the heat inside the house and radiated it to the outside. The bricks used were of soft pink material and were not resistant to weather. The house was enclosed except for a small part on the roof. The bricks were imported from England, and the brick striker arrived in Dedham late in August 1638. The mason might have arrived from Boston. Check out the next post here.

Several historical markers in Dedham honor the town’s early history. Dedham was a staging ground for Settler forces in 1675/1676. Jonathan Fairbanks Jr. was part of the cavalry and participated in the first official battle of the King’s Philips War. The city also had its first cart bridge, built on Bridge Street. Today, the historic Fairbanks House Museum c. 1637 Dedham MA



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