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Fenway Park


Near Kenmore Square is Fenway Park. This baseball park is in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1912, it has been the home of the Boston Red Sox and, since 1953, was its only Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise. It was built in 1912 and extensively rebuilt in 1934. Major modifications and renovations were carried out in the 21st Century. It is the oldest MLB baseball park. The park’s location in Boston’s Fenway Kenmore district and its age have resulted in many renovations and expansions. It is the eighth-smallest MLB stadium in terms of capacity and seating capacity.


Fenway has hosted 11 World Series, with the Red Sox winning six and the Boston Braves winning one. It has hosted many sporting and cultural events, including professional football games for Boston Redskins, Boston Yanks, and the New England Patriots. Fenway Park, despite being the oldest Major League Baseball ballpark, is one of America’s most loved ballparks. Fenway Park’s excitement and enthusiasm before every game is something that is unique. It is unlike any other ballpark. Fans can enjoy live music, delicious food, and friendly company on the streets outside Fenway Park before every game. Fenway Park’s interior has a lot of character. It features a small seating capacity and a manual scoreboard on the left base. The Green Monster is the only red seat in the right field. Ted Williams hit the longest home run at 502 feet. There are also retired numbers from greats on the right-field façade. The Red Sox are one of the most successful teams in Major League Baseball, having won four World Series Championships in 2004 and 2013. They also won the 2018 World Series. Red Sox fans were even more excited when the team won the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park, for the first time since 191.

Ground rules

How far must you sit to feel safe in this park? Fans have a common misconception that a flyball that gets stuck in the ladder on the left-field wall is considered a ground-rule triple. It is not mentioned in the Red Sox ground-rules list. The “Triangle” refers to an area of center field where walls form a triangle at the far corner. It is located 420 feet (130m) away from the home plate. The center field distance is the point at which the right-center point is deep. The true center of the triangle is 390 feet (120m) away from the home plate.

Park Address

The park can be found in the Kenmore Square neighborhood of Boston, at the intersection of Lansdowne Street & Jersey Street. It blends in well with the surrounding buildings, which are all of similar height and architecture. Roger Clemens, the pitcher, arrived in Boston in 1984. He took a taxi from Logan Airport. The driver misunderstood the directions and he announced his arrival at the park. Clemens recalls telling the driver, “No, Fenway Park. It’s a stadium for baseball…this is a warehouse.” Clemens realized he was at the right place only after the driver instructed him to look up and saw the light towers. Do you want to know more about Fenway Park’s operation? Our A-to-Z Guide can answer your questions! Find out all the options available to get to Fenway Park including directions and parking. Get a tour of America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. You can take a group or individual tour of Fenway.

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