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On one hand, moving day is a starting line, a kick-off to your new life, the beginning of a new chapter. On the other hand, moving day is a deadline: a day by which things need to be done, such as getting your belongings packed, getting the kids enrolled in school, and getting your Weight Watchers subscription transferred to your new address. The best way to make sure you get those things done in a timely fashion is to create a moving calendar, or a timeline checklist to help you keep on track.

Moving Calendar Checklist

So, what belongs on this moving calendar that we speak of, and of equal importance, where does it belong? That’s what we’re going to talk about here. Without further ado, here is your biweekly agenda leading up to the big event.

Six to Eight Weeks Before You Move

The papers are signed and the countdown begins. It’s two months before you move, and its time to lay down the groundwork.

Getting organized for your move

Holding it all together is essential when you’re in the middle of a big move! Consider purchasing a binder or a notebook so you can keep your moving-related paperwork in one place.


Figure out what you’re going to discard, donate, or hold on to. Look into storage options if you’re downsizing.

Contact moving companies:

Pick three companies and get quotes – in writing if possible. Store these in your binder for future reference (see below).

Four to Six Weeks Before You Move

Next step, get out big guns. Get tough on your movers, order packing supplies, and make sure to get your carpet cleaned!

Hire Movers:

Make an informed choice about the company you pick by looking at company provided reviews, reviews from outside sources, and BBB records. Ask for US DOT Numbers, transportation license numbers, and make sure the company is licensed for interstate moves if you’re moving out of state.

Don’t be afraid to ask your movers for written insurance statements. Working with uninsured movers can leave with unpaid damage claims, and you may be found liable for personal injury or property damage.

Order packing supplies and arrange for delivery. You’ll want boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape paper and packing tape, and specialty containers for wardrobe and kitchen packs.

Send your carpets, furniture, and drapes in for cleaning and repair. To fully enjoy all the comforts of your new home, a quick service visit may be in order before relocation.

One Month Before You Move

It’s one month before you move, and it’s time to consult your moving calendar once again! Time to begin the packing, finalizing the arrangements, and tying up the loose ends.

Begin packing Start with seldom-used items, such as home décor, small gadgets, and items stored in attics and basements.

File a change of address form with the USPS. Whether it be a letter from a long lost lover, or an Amazon order gone astray, you do want it to, eventually, find its way to your new house. Ensure this by filing an official change of address form with the USPS.

Notify utility companies for the transfer of service. There’s nothing like a night of electricity to finish off a hard day of moving. Have your utilities turned on to begin enjoying your new house from day one.

Notify banks, insurance companies, service providers, and creditors of your new address.

Two Weeks Before You Move!

Don’t stop now! You’re in great shape and close to the finish line. For these last two weeks, the focus is on heavy packing, double-checking, and defrosting the freezer.

  • Pack all but essential items. Call up your friends, family, and neighbors to put those packing materials to good use. Have a labeling system in place to keep an inventory of your belongings and make a smooth transition to your new house.
  • Organize paperwork such as bills, stocks, insurance policies, and bank account statements. Get back to that binder and add these essential documents so you’ll have easy access when you need them.
  • And do tend to those major appliances. Remember, freezers need to be defrosted before they’re ready to be moved, and you may need the help of a professional to disconnect gas lines on certain appliances.
  • Get prescriptions filled and have all medications onboard for each family member, including pets!

One Week Before You Move!

Seven days and counting! Thanks to your superior organizational skills, hard work ethic, and slight dependence on your moving calendar, you have successfully arrived at the one week mark!  Now it’s just a matter of these few final chores before you’re home-sweet- home free!

  • Complete the packing of non-essential items.
  • Discontinue the home delivery of newspapers, books of the month, and Harry and David fruit and cheese assortments.
  • Take out extra cash to tip the movers, and keep cash, jewelry, and credit cards on hand.

Now good luck, good moving, and good job!  And for more moving assistance, contact Marathon Moving company at We’re happy to provide end to end service for all you’re moving needs. This entry was posted in Moving and tagged Moving Calendar Checklist, Printable moving calendar. Bookmark the permalink.

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