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Moving into a new house can be a stressful process because there are multiple factors to handle.

Need a moving into a new house checklist? One way to alleviate some of that tension is to hire qualified movers that ensure that your belongings reach their destination safely and securely. That said, you don’t have to leave everything up to them. You can note different aspects to take care of regarding the moving process to stay organized and calm. Well, here’s a quick moving calendar checklist for the tips you should know when your moving into a new house.

Moving into a New House Checklist PDF

Before you can move into your new house, you have to ensure that everything is in order so that the move goes through smoothly with minimal hiccups. Ask your real estate agent if they have a checklist. Here’s what you need to know.

Set Up Your Utilities First When Moving Into Your New Home

You will need to set up your physical utilities before the move so that you can start living comfortably as soon as you get there. Your utilities include electricity, gas, and water. Thus, it’s best to notify your utility companies well in advance about the move-in date.

Collect All Important Documents from Your Existing Home

Now that you’re moving to your new home, you must check every filing cabinet in your existing home and collect all essential documents with them. Some examples of these documents include birth certificates, medical records, social security cards, and insurance policies. Shred documents that you don’t need.

When Moving Into a New House Always Update Your Home Address

You will need to update your home address on various platforms. Your address is typically present information pertaining to your credit cards, subscriptions, checkbooks, car registration, insurance, loyalty programs, and so on. Therefore, you must make sure that your correct address is present in all these different aspects.

Set Up Internet and TV Connections

An essential part of the checklist for moving to a new house that can be overlooked is setting up your internet and TV connections. Review prices and packages from different services providers to find the best deal in your budget. Moreover, you should schedule installation two to three weeks before moving in so that the services are available when you settle into your new house. If your existing internet and TV service providers offer their services to the new home’s location, you will just have to switch the address.

Take Pictures of Valuable Items

It’s best to hire experienced Massachusetts moving contractors to prevent damage to your belongings during the transportation process. However, you should also take precautionary methods yourself to protect your valuable goods. One way to do that is to take high-quality pictures of all valuables from different angles. This way, you can have proof about the condition of your valuable before transportation. Thus, if anything does get damaged during the move, you can hold your professional moving team accountable for the loss.

Schedule a Thorough Cleaning of Your New Home

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home and finding various parts of it dirty. Previous owners typically don’t clean the house thoroughly before leaving. Thus, hire a professional cleaning service and have them clean the entire house. Also, have them inspect it for mold and other such things that can put your home at risk in the long term.

Add All Necessary Home Improvements Onto The Checklist

Your moving into a new house checklist pdf should include tackling home improvements before the move. Repairs, such as windows that don’t lock or leaky plumbing, should be addressed by your property management company or the previous owner of the house. Make sure that the responsible parties hand that so that you don’t have to deal with these problems later. Home improvements that you’re responsible for include shelves-installation, wall painting, etc.

Change Your Locks After You Move In

After the move is successful, make sure to change all locks to keep your home safe. You can carry this process out on your own or hire a locksmith.

Test Your House’s Smoke Detectors

If the house already has an efficient smoke detecting system installed, test it to check if it works properly. You can spray a smoke test aerosol near every sensor to check if it’s working. This way, you won’t leave anything to chance. Also, check your sensors every month.

Install a Home Security System

Your checklist for moving to a new house should also include installing a home security system to ensure you protect your family and your home. Hire a reputable service provider for this service.

Once you’ve moved into your new home, be sure to make a maintenance checklist and test your HVAC system’s functionality. This way, you can ensure that you run into minimal issues in your new dream home.

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